Baldur’s Gate 3: 4 easy ways to get clean when you’re bloody after the fight

baldur's gate 3: 4 easy ways to get clean when

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Baldur’s Gate 3: 4 easy ways to get clean when you’re bloody after the fight

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There is a small annoying thing in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can be solved very easily. You can quickly clean your bloody face after a battle with 4 simple tricks. You can find out more details here.

How do I quickly clean my character’s face?

  • use water bottle
  • Walk into a body of water, such as a river
  • By the magic trick or spell: “Create or destroy water.”
  • Using a cloak that permanently gives you the wet condition.

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This is how you get rid of your bloodstained face

Especially as “Dark Desire” you will probably walk around permanently bloodied. Baldur’s Gate 3 offers 4 ways to clean your character’s face after it has been covered in blood, dirt and bruises. All possibilities, who would have thought it, require water.

  1. Use bottle of water: To cleanse yourself and your party members, simply throw a water bottle at your feet. You should probably have plenty of water bottles if you’ve always been busy looting everything. You can also use a water bottle to put out flames and inflict the wet condition for two turns. This makes you resistant to fire damage, but takes double lightning damage.
  2. Walk into a body of water: All you have to do is dip your toes into a body of water – for example a river. There are numerous ankle-deep springs of water in Baldur’s Gate 3, particularly in Act 1 and Act 3.
  3. Create or Destroy Water Spell: You can use the Create or Destroy Water spell/trick to get your party members clean again. However, I wouldn’t prefer the method because you’re wasting a level 1 spell slot doing it.
  4. Find the inverted rain cloak: This cloak grants the wearer the wet condition. So if you put on the cloak with your character, you will be immediately freed from all kinds of dirt. Then you can change the cape again. You can find the cloak at the fair at the beginning of act 3, just spin the prize wheel.

These options will rid you of dirt, blood and whatever else comes with it – without a long rest. Because a long rest will also make you clean again.

In this RPG, you’ll feel like you’re walking around with a bloodied or dirty face all the time, as adventure and combat are in the foreground.

However, experiencing gory political negotiations, serious conversations or intimate moments with companions is not for everyone. Luckily, there are these easy ways to get rid of the dirt so you can start your conversations perfectly clean.

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