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Baldur’s Gate 3: A player eliminates all the NPCs he comes across – but suddenly everyone is back

baldur's gate 3: a player eliminates all the npcs he

A player in Baldur’s Gate 3 kills all NPCs, but replacement characters suddenly appear. MeinMMO tells you what’s behind it.

Spoiler: The article contains story spoilers from Act 1. And minor spoilers from Act 2.


In Baldur’s Gate 3, players have the freedom to express their creativity almost without restriction and to make a wide variety of decisions. A YouTuber named Proxy Gate Tactician recently discovered something amazing about this game: when a player eliminates an NPC, a replacement NPC takes its place, and even if that replacement NPC is eliminated, another one appears.

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There are replacement NPCs for the replacement NPCs

What did the YouTuber discover? YouTuber Proxy Gate Tactician delved into the different ways you can interact with the Tieflings in the Emerald Grove. Typically, once you’ve killed the goblins, you’ll receive an invitation from the Tiefling leader to a party. However, Proxy Gate Tactician decided to eliminate the Tiefling leader Zevlor.


But he still received the invitation. Another Tiefling named Asharak stepped in and took over Zevlor’s role. There’s even a third party in the NPC replacement queue – Cerys. She usually doesn’t appear until Act 2, unless Zevlor and Asharak didn’t survive. She is the final replacement NPC for Zevlor.

You can watch his YouTube video here:

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But the YouTuber wondered if Larian Studios has developed any other replacement characters. He chose to exclude everyone except Zevlor from the party by eliminating her. Surprisingly, he discovered that almost all of the original Tieflings have special replacement characters.

Proxy Gate Tactican comments on this in his YouTube video:

It’s really impressive to see that Larian has even developed backup solutions for backup characters. […]One of the Tieflings even has a fun and unique dialogue where she asks to dance with your character.

Proxy Gate Tactican


Proxy Gate Tactican has discovered that Cerys does not recognize the player and she incorrectly assumes that Zevlor is still alive. Still, it’s remarkable how many clever mechanics and backup options were built into Baldur’s Gate 3. This diversity always provides surprises and new discoveries.

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