Baldur’s Gate 3 annoys small people in the most unfair way and prevents great love

baldur's gate 3 annoys small people in the most unfair

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Baldur’s Gate 3 annoys small people in the most unfair way and prevents great love

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In Baldur’s Gate 3 you can enter into romance with your character. However, if you’re playing a halfling, dwarf, or gnome, then the size difference from your loved ones becomes an obstacle. Details about the story on MeinMMO.

What’s going on? In the magical world called Faerûn, which is inhabited by a wide variety of beings, a special injustice is at stake. Baldur’s Gate 3 has a big bug that hits our little friends hard – namely gnomes, halflings and dwarves. They can’t kiss like they would like to.

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Small people and the desire for great love

Imagine yourself walking through the exciting world of Baldur’s Gate 3 as a brave gnome. You meet a hot Tiefling barbarian named Karlach. It crackles for both of you right away. But here’s the problem: when you try to kiss her as a gnome, halfling or dwarf, things often go wrong.

You are much smaller than Karlach and your kiss lands on her stomach. This unexpected result breaks the romanticizing mood, as instead of a heartfelt kiss, a strange gesture marks the moment.

In some scenes, the NPCs can’t seem to bring themselves to get closer to their loved ones. The kissing animation is clearly presented, but the physical distance remains. It’s clearly a bug in the game that makes the little characters’ romantic endeavors look funny.

A video shared on YouTube illustrates the issue, which brings a humorous twist to the romantic storyline:

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Karlach lets out a deep sigh and, after the distant kiss, yells “Yay!”, which doesn’t sound particularly enthusiastic. Maybe she’s not, or maybe it was a shy response to the kiss.

Amidst the romantic possibilities offered by the game, kissing is tricky for the smaller races due to the bug in some sequences.

However, some players have also found certain “advantages” of being smaller. Warning: contains spoilers – You can take a closer look at these benefits on Reddit.

Given that most of the characters in the game are of considerable height, this size difference issue can also occur with other companions.

Fortunately, this error has been recognized in the development process. It can be assumed that the developers are working to remove these obstacles to the tender gestures of love soon.

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