Baldur’s Gate 3 fan wonders why his companion moans all the time and this robe is the reason why

Tom Henry

baldur's gate 3 fan wonders why his companion moans all

Normally, Baldur’s Gate 3 companion Gale doesn’t moan to himself all the time.

You know what it’s like: you’re looting some Baldur’s Gate 3 cellar to your heart’s content when you hear a groan behind you. No? Okay, to be honest, we didn’t either and this fan was pretty surprised too. Especially because Gale just keeps moaning to himself non-stop. However, this is due to a particular robe that has already excited many people and has now become even more popular.

This robe in BG3 not only looks chic, but it will make your group groan

That’s what it’s about: TikToker Silkethedruid actually just wanted to clear out a basement, but was distracted by Gale’s gentle sighs and groans. The magician didn’t stop at all and that can be quite irritating.

Here you can said scene in the video view:

What’s the matter? On the robe Gale is wearing. The Wavemother Robe automatically heals you when you stand in water (and can also generate water itself). Gale stands in a puddle and is healed at regular intervals, which elicits the relaxed sighs from him.

That moan You can generally hear it whenever you heal each other or, for example, especially when you get up after a long rest. But it is almost never the case that this sound occurs so often and in such quick succession.

The robe is already popular anyway: Some players also like the Wavemother robe because it is very figure-hugging and has a wide cut. For example, a fan on X (formerly Twitter) says that the Astarion robe looks great:

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This is how you get the dress: To get the Wavemother’s Robe, you have to accept the quest in the Temple of Umberlee that revolves around the mysterious underwater monster and its master. Now follows one SPOILER:

If you have killed the submariner after the Iron Throne quest (or let the priests kill him), you will receive the Wavemother’s Robe as a reward.

Have you ever worn this item of clothing or given it to a companion and been surprised at the groans?

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