Baldur’s Gate 3 has a ‘hidden class’ and this makes even a fight like the Goblin Camp a piece of cake

baldur's gate 3 has a 'hidden class' and this makes

Tom Henry

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a ‘hidden class’ and this makes even a fight like the Goblin Camp a piece of cake

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The unofficial Baldur’s Gate 3 class has real oomph.

When three people talk about how they solved a certain situation in Baldur’s Gate 3, they usually get three very different answers and puzzled looks. No wonder: the RPG is such a big playground that we can quickly overlook things; for example the possibility of playing “Barrelmancer”.

Sounds like a very special subclass for barrel-loving magicians or even an indie game, but it’s a community gag that’s pretty “igniting”; and the goblin camp simply wipes itself out in a flash. But just see for yourself…

You have to see these action fireworks in Baldur’s Gate 3

The goblin camp can be quite a challenge at the beginning of the game and you have a variety of options to choose from: you can act sneakily, fight honorably or look for support. But you can also trigger a chain explosion that engulfs everything in a single deadly hellfire.

A Redditor, for example, demonstrates what this looks like in this impressive video:

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At the beginning you see the inventory well packed with barrels, then how they are neatly distributed throughout the warehouse. Alchemist fire then does the rest. If it is thrown, the chain reaction starts and cleans up properly without the fan having to lift a finger.

The Reddit user writes: “I love this game, so I blew it up.” Another person commented:

Best class is Barrelmancer.

The name can be roughly translated as “Fassmant”. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a class that always has an inventory full of barrels. It’s a community joke that fits the strategy.

Barrels can save you, but first you have to go collecting

If you want to do this now, be advised that it’s unfortunately not quite as easy as it looks in the clip, because first you have to collect the right types of barrels, such as oil barrels or those with fire wine, all over the world. This can take a few hours if you want it to look as impressive as in this video.

In general, a few explosive barrels are never a bad idea in combat and will help you, even if you don’t let it get that far. You can find them in a surprising number of places, such as in the goblin camp itself, in the Emerald Grove or in the cave where you can go in search of the caravan between the Stiegstrasse and Waukeen’s Rest waypoints.

What’s the largest number of barrels you’ve ever gathered for a fight?

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