Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 5 fixes a ‘really, really stupid’ bug that caused a Companion to hide 1500 lines of dialogue

baldur's gate 3 hotfix 5 fixes a 'really, really stupid'

Tom Henry

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 5 fixes a ‘really, really stupid’ bug that caused a Companion to hide 1500 lines of dialogue

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Minthara often has nothing to say to you, even though it wasn’t planned that way.

Update from September 5th: The solution is finally here! Larian has now released the fifth hotfix on PC and PS5, which fixes the bug surrounding Minthara’s blocked dialogue lines. The hotfix also fixes other bugs such as the graphics issues on HDR TVs (PS5 version) and some multiplayer issues.

You can find the full patch notes on Steam.

Original message: Baldur’s Gate 3 is finally coming to PS5 in a few days and recently received its massive second patch in preparation for it. Although it has improved some performance and also gave companion Karlach a new ending, another of our companions still suffers from a pretty big bug that keeps her silent, especially in act 3.

Minthara isn’t so taciturn on purpose

As director Swen Vincke explained in an interview with IGN, the drow paladin Minthara should actually have significantly more lines of dialogue in the game than is currently the case. More than 1,500 voice lines are blocked by a bug that Vincke himself describes as “really, really stupid”.

Fans were already bothered by the fact that, unlike the other companions, Minthara hardly has a story of his own and rarely participates in conversations with characters.

This hurts especially when you consider that you have to give up some other companions in order to recruit Minthara at all – because if you decide for them, you not only miss Halsin, Wyll and Karlach also leave the group permanently as a result of the decision.

Accordingly, it is not surprising that many fans on Reddit and Co.”Justice for Minthara” demand.

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A solution is in sight: The problem isn’t fixed yet, but developer Larian has at least discovered the reason for the bug and is now working to fix it. Then the drow should become more important for the story again, since it actually has a special connection to one of the characters you meet:

She is actually there to serve another character you meet later in the game, one of the antagonists. Therefore, it should actually bring in a different perspective on the antagonist.

“Let’s see if we can do a bit more with her”

But Larian doesn’t just plan to fix the Minthara bug. The development team also wants to listen to the feedback from the fans – we owe it to these fan requests that Karlach got a new ending with the last patch.

Larian therefore knows that many want their own storyline for Minthara. Vincke hasn’t wanted to promise anything specific yet, but at least he gives a hint of hope: “We’re going to fix her content blocking issue first, then see how fans like her, and then see if we can’t do a little more with her.

What changes are you still missing for the companions?

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