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Baldur’s Gate 3: New Hotfix 4 is now live after banning thousands of players from their savegames

baldur's gate 3: new hotfix 4 is now live after

The developers actually wanted to fix further problems in Baldur’s Gate 3 with a new hotfix. However, the patch caused more crashes and had to be withdrawn. Anyone who played in the meantime could not use their scores. The problem has now been resolved.

What is this hot fix?

  • Hotfix 4 was released on August 16 at around 10:00 p.m.
  • This time was slightly smaller in scope than previous hotfixes, but was primarily intended to fix issues that are hampering progress. You can find the patch notes on Steam.
  • Only about 3 hours later, around 1:00 a.m., the hotfix was withdrawn. So the current status is Hotfix 3.

This is the problem with the hotfix: Like Larian Studios on Twitter report, Hotfix 4 led to many crashes. So that the players can at least gamble normally, there was a rollback.

However, this caused a new problem: Anyone who has already played with the hotfix no longer has access to their saves. An “Incompatible version” is displayed.

Only players who have downloaded the hotfix are affected. However, the game only updates when it is closed. This means: any save made with Hotfix 4 is invalid, even if it actually happened after the rollback.

As a result, players no longer have access to thousands of their savegames. In the MeinMMO editorial team alone, up to 4 hours of playing time are temporarily “lost.” The hotfix should come back as soon as the crashes are fixed.


Update from 6:47 p.m.: The hotfix is ​​live again, savegames are working again.

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“3 hours of saves. I think I’ll go touch the grass”

The players don’t really know what to do now. Continuing to play with the old save is not an option for many, because then they would just have to do everything again.

There are some “helpful” suggestions on Reddit like: see if the family is alive or touch weed. Others use the forced break to take a deep breath or create a new character.


Users are reminded that savegames are not lost forever. They’re just not accessible right now, but they’ll be back as soon as Hotfix 4 is reapplied. You just have to be patient.

In addition to the hotfixes, Larian Studios is already preparing the first “real” patch. It is not yet clear when exactly it will appear, but it should fix a lot of problems and probably even bring new features:

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