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Baldur’s Gate 3: You can have a brain with legs as a companion, but you need skill to do so

baldur's gate 3: you can have a brain with legs

Always wanted more brains? Then we have good news for you: in Baldur’s Gate 3 you can get a whole brain just like that. It even runs after you and is grotesquely cute.

What companion is this?


Spoiler alert: The story about the companion is hidden and secret. If you want to find out for yourself who the brain is and how to get it as a companion, then read no further at this point.

What kind of pet is this? “Us” is an intellect devourer, a brain with legs and tentacles that feeds on the thoughts of the living. You meet Us right at the beginning of the game on the Nautiloid.

In the second room, you can hear the creature’s voice calling for help. Approach it and you’ll find a brain in the body of Myrnath, who’s lying there with his skull cut open.


The brain talks to you and thinks you are a friend. You can free it from its “prison” with a Dexterity or Strength check, and it will introduce itself as “Us” if you ask it.

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How to get “us”

First you have to free us in the prologue and then you have to injure it with a rather difficult Dexterity throw (DC 15). The brain then accompanies you on the nautiloid and is then lost. Here, however, it must survive and not die.

Then later, in Act 2, you can meet Us again. In the depths beneath the Moonlight Towers resides a mind flayer colony. Here Us is imprisoned in a cage. Open the cage and Us will accompany you. You can summon the brain as a “Familiar” at any time.


As an incantation, it can help us in battle and die. However, like scratches, the brain does not die permanently. You just can’t summon it again until the next rest.

Us isn’t the most useful pet, but it can be summoned by any class, so it’s definitely a help. Normally, familiars and pets are only available to certain classes:

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