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Elden Ring

Bandai Namco creates a music label and debuts with the Elden Ring BSO

Bandai Namco expands its horizons to expand its releases and has chosen to follow the path of music, which as we know is one of the most important and remembered parts when we think of our favorite video games. For this reason, the publisher has created the label Bandai Namco Game Musicand has premiered it by publishing the soundtracks of two of the most outstanding titles of the year: Elden Ring and Tales of Arise.

From today You can now listen to their albums on the main digital platforms officially, as Spotify, YouTube, iTunes or Amazon Music.


the album of Elden Ring contains 67 tracks with all the ambient music, of scenes and, above all, of those epic boss battles in one of the serious candidates for game of the year.

Tales of Arise will fully immerse us in his world thanks to the composer’s magnificent score Motoi Sakurabawho was also responsible for the composition of the next Valkyrie Elysium or One Piece Odyssey.

Elden RingElden Ring