Bandai Namco revealed new gameplay of Synduality Echo of Ada

Tom Henry

bandai namco revealed new gameplay of synduality echo of ada

Bandai Namco revealed during the TGS, the post-apocalyptic setting of Amasia and new gameplay of the next Synduality Echo of Ada. Set before the events of the Synduality Noir anime, players must do what they can to survive and collect rewards in the intense PvPvE Extraction Shooter.

The trailer shows us the devastated world and details of the story about the fall of Amasia, an underground shelter, and also introduces key characters in this dystopian story and setting, which players will have to investigate to learn more about what happened to it in the past. .

We will meet two prominent figures key to the player’s mission: Alba, a Drifter (mechanical pilot), and Ada, her Magus (AI companion), along with Dothan Kuze, a doctor, who was responsible for saving Alba after being captive in Amasia and reunited him with Ada.

Synduality Echo of Ada is set in 2222, years after a mysterious poisonous rain called “The Tears of the New Moon” wiped out most of humanity and gave birth to deformed creatures that now hunt the remaining population. In this PvPvE shooter, players will step into the shoes of Drifters, daring mech pilots who make a living collecting AO crystals, a rare resource. They pilot mechs (Cradle Coffins) with a Magus, an AI companion, who aids them in battle with unique combat abilities.

A player’s Magus also provides directions, clues, and warnings to the player to help them safely navigate the ruins to survive… and keep the loot they collect. Cradle Coffins are highly customizable, players can fully customize them from appearance to weapon loadouts, to suit their own play style.

Synduality Echo of Ada will be released on PlayStation5, Xbox X|S and PC.

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