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Batch of 10 GAMES announced for Game Pass thanks to ID@Xbox #XboxShowcase – Generacion Xbox

batch of 10 games announced for game pass thanks to

These games add variety to the catalog and underpin the quality that precedes the service. The stamp [email protected] it also contributes to Game Pass.

Batch of 10 GAMES announced for Game Pass thanks to ID@Xbox #XboxShowcase
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We can finally say goodbye to Xbox events. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been delighted that all these big and small announcements have been made, but covering an event takes a lot of money. The good news is all that remains for us from now on to reveal. We already have a date for Fable, Avowed and more games, and this year we have a battery of games for Game Pass, [email protected] and two atomic bombs such as Forza Motorsport and Starfield.

Returning to Game Pass, today during the extended event of the Xbox Games Showcase, we have been able to meet no less than 10 great games that will reach the service throughout these months. There are gems like Neon White among others. In fact, I think there is not a single one that does not catch my attention.


New games coming to Game Pass this year

Xbox Games Showcase Extended is over and as part of the show we were treated to a montage of 10 new games coming as part of the standalone program [email protected]all of which will come to Game Pass upon release for Xbox.

  • techtonica.
  • Little Kitty Big City.
  • Another Crab’s Treasure.
  • Other Games in the Montage.
  • Galacticare.
  • The Wandering Village.
  • The Bookwalker.
  • Harold Halibut.
  • Neon White.
  • Mineko’s Night Market.
  • Sea of ​​Stars.

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