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Batgirl was destined to become Batman’s greatest enemy

Batgirl could have chosen a dark and sinister path that would have led her to be one of Bruce Wayne’s greatest enemies.

There are many characters that have passed through the pages of comics starring Batman who have tried to end his life. The Dark Knight has done everything to protect the city from Gotham And it has not been an easy road.

Batgirl could have chosen a dark and sinister path that would have led her to be one of Bruce Wayne’s greatest enemies.

The most iconic villains of Batman They may also be the most memorable in the entire comic industry as their wide rogues gallery is spectacular. The Penguin, joker either bane These are just some examples of the most charismatic enemies that the legendary BruceWayne in their daily fight against crime.

Batgirl was destined to become Batman's greatest enemy

DC has always tried to exploit the legacy of Batman since he is one of the most successful characters of the editorial. For this same reason, over time different characters linked to Batman were added, who assumed different roles in what was known as the Bat-Family. This family of bats included ancient Robin who had evolved on their way as heroes and other great allies who were part of the life of Batman.

One of those characters is the well-known batgirl that he helped Batman on different occasions with some problems that he couldn’t solve alone. However, this should never have happened. DC has revealed that the true fate of batgirl was to become his greatest enemy.

Batgirl was destined to become Batman's greatest enemy

Throughout its entire history, Batman He has teamed up with fellow heroes to help him fight crime when the going gets tough, but one of his closest allies who had worked by his side since was destined to kill him forever: the batgirl of Cassandra Cain. Cassandra She is one of the best fighters and heroines that the Landso it’s a good thing he ended up on the side of the heroes, but this might never have happened.

Cassandra Cain She is perhaps one of the best fighters on the planet, capable of taking on impossible challenges and taking on very dangerous villains. The reason why Cassandra is so powerful is that his father David Caine, a known assassin, trained her from birth to learn the basics of fighting so that she could outmatch any opponent. This unique set of skills and the killer instincts fostered by her father allowed Cassandra became the most terrifying member within the well-known Bat-Family.

In Batgirl #67of Andersen Gabrych and Ale Garzareaders see the truth behind the origin story that explains who he really is Cassandra. The idea of ​​​​the training that carried out David Caine about his daughter was intended to create the ultimate warrior who would later serve as the fearsome villain’s personal bodyguard Ra’s al Ghul.

Batman has been blamed for killing one of the franchise's most classic villains

Batman has been blamed for killing one of the franchise’s most classic villains

In the first moment, Cain tried to train the League of Shadows to accomplish this task on behalf of Ra’s al Ghulbut when that failed, he decided to change tack and put all his efforts on a little girl to become the most sinister assassin the world has ever seen. Land. Cassandra Cain He ended up escaping the dark path his father had put him on when he realized the consequences of killing at a very young age, but if David Had he been more careful to work more steadily on her sense of morality, she would have remained under his command and achieved her goal.

If I had remained in the service of Ra’s al Ghul, the villain who has come close to defeating Batman on many occasions, would have had an important and deadly ally under his command. Not only would this likely have resulted in a lethal loss for Batman, but it could have changed his life even more, as it is possible that Ra’s has not placed the same faith in his daughter Thalia and his son Damianconceived with Batman.

Batgirl was destined to become Batman's greatest enemy

Fortunately, despite all the darkness of his past, Cassandra Cain managed to get away from his father and find a new place where he could do some good under the tutelage of Batman. However, it would have been very interesting to see this side of the heroine so dark and interesting.


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