Battlefield 2042 dates its first season with a gameplay and all these news

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It has cost DICE its share, but finally, after delaying its premiere for a few months, it has been able to confirm the exact day on which the first season of Battlefield 2042, called Zero Hour. It will be from June 9 when the new battles can be fought, as the new gameplay of the game has shown.

One of the first things to be implemented will be a significant overhaul to certain maps that needed fixes that were highly requested by the community. This will also affect the number of players that can be gathered in the same battle, since the number will be reduced to 64 people in the current maps and those to come, although those that already have a capacity of 128 players will also reduce it. they will maintain

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The specialists have also been improved, as well as their animations, in addition to balancing weapons and a series of other details in the gameplay. But if there is something that should be highlighted in particular, it is the new Exposure map set in rocky mountains that will provide epic ground and air combat.

The new specialist Ewelina Lis will join the action, ideal for the destruction of large vehicles thanks to her rocket launcher that will fire projectiles guided by the player himself, although she also has an ability that provides information about the vehicles that have been damaged in the battlefield.

In turn, it will be possible to pilot two new helicopters, the RAH-68 Huron and the YG-99 Hannibal Gunship, along with the possibility of using new weapons. And if there will be another reason to rock this first season it is your battle pass, divided into 100 levels with its own free and other paid rewards for those who want to get hold of it for 9.99 euros.

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