Battlefield 2042: EA says a large team continues to work on the title

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Electronic Arts has responded to a new Battlefield 2042 rumor. According to this claim, the title is said to be in an “abandoned ship” mode. This means that only a tiny part of the team is left doing the essential work on the shooter, while the rest are already leaving the sinking ship to devote themselves to other tasks.

After the fourth season it’s over anyway, says Grubb

According to EA, journalist Jeff Grubb’s claim he made on his Grubbsnax Giant Bomb Show is untrue. He says there that a remaining team has been tasked with delivering four seasons for the ailing shooter “as quickly and cheaply as possible.”

“This game is basically just a skeleton crew,” Grubb said. “It’s stripped down to the bare bones and these people are currently working on the promised additional seasons that the game will need to meet the requirements of the high-end version sold.”

According to Grubb, it is “time to leave the ship” because the “real core team” is already working on the next Battlefield anyway.

According to EA, the crew is still on deck

EA does not leave this claim uncommented and emphasizes: There is a significant team at DICE, alongside our other studios, focused on continuing to develop and improve the Battlefield 2042 experience for all players.”

After Battlefield 2042 was poorly received at launch due to its many quirks, DICE pledged to bring this portion of the series to the highest standard that we all have come to expect from the franchise.”

However, progress has been slow and even the first season does not show the fighting spirit and passion of a team that wants to save its game, but rather to keep it alive. The new content was fun, but not enough to attract masses of players or bring them back in the long term.

Nevertheless, during a question and answer session that was part of the preview event, the team assured that even after the four seasons, there was no end date for Battlefield 2042 in sight. They want to offer the shooter support beyond the planned content.


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