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Battlefield 2042 finally becomes the game it was meant to be

After having solved many of its problems, Battlefield 2042 finally seems to become what it should be, namely a service game. Explanations.

This year 2022 was not very kind with Battlefield 2042, as you may have noticed, the general opinion was quite negative despite some diehard fans of the FPS. When EA released Battlefield 2042 11 months ago, one of the major selling points was that they provided constant updates to expand the content, which unfortunately didn’t happen.

A promise finally coming true for Battlefield 2042?

To be exact, the service game model was normally intended in Battlefield 2042 as a substitute for the traditional single-player campaign, to fill an undeniable void in the minds of players. But it will soon be a year since the community has had either. This being particularly linked to the problems to be urgently corrected to make the title more pleasant to play. It was even planned to have a system of climatic events… In short, beautiful ideas that are still totally absent to this day.

But very recently, EA has just unveiled the trailer for the Battlerfield 2042: The Liquidators event, the presentation of which you can admire above this news. This should focus in particular on infantry combat and not vehicles. The new game mode is called Tactical Conquest:

New Mode: Tactical Conquest

Play a variation of Conquest mode that emphasizes frantic close-quarters infantry combat. Face off against enemy squads as you try to take and hold three flags. To win the round, exhaust the enemy’s tickets.

The Liquidators event for Battlefield 2042 will take place from October 11 to 25.


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