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Battlefield 2042 finally brings the feature that should have been there since release


Battlefield 2042 was released almost 6 months ago. Right from the start, the game had a turbulent phase that never really stopped. Now it finally brings a feature that players have been asking for from the start. MyMMO tells you more.

Before the release of Battlefield 2042, Battlefield Portal was the most excited mode for many fans. In this game mode, they were allowed to create their own game modes and rules using weapons and maps from several Battlefield games. Theoretically, this should offer endless play possibilities.

But although the community had very creative ideas with these tools, Battlefield Portal was never as popular as initially thought. This has led to truly absurd situations in some regions of the world where a single guy could “hold” all the other players hostage.

Currently, however, players have the opportunity to collect XP in Battlefield Portal again. However, this step was not officially announced, which causes confusion.

There was no XP in Battlefield Portal, which took players away from the mode

What’s new? Players report on Twitter that XP can suddenly be earned again in Battlefield Portal. The only requirement seems to be playing without bots.

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This removes a major criticism of Battlefield Portal. It is unclear whether this adjustment was intentional. Because it has not (yet) been officially communicated.

What was the problem? One of Battlefield Portal’s biggest problems has always been that players could only earn limited or no XP in Portal. So if you wanted to unlock new weapons or attachments in Battlefield 2042, you couldn’t do it in any of the 3 main game modes.

The intent behind this decision was to discourage XP farming servers that were popular early in the game. But this radical restriction completely robbed many players of the mode. The developers wanted to find a compromise with time-limited events, but that didn’t help.

Players praise Battlefield 2042’s first major update in months – still gets mockery

What are the players thinking? People who are still playing Battlefield 2042 despite declining player numbers are generally happy with this development. However, a lot of confusion is caused by the fact that this change was never officially announced.

This adjustment was not part of the latest patch notes either. The developers have also been messaged directly by fans hoping to hear something official.

Accordingly, the reactions of the fans are mixed.

  • OddJob001, who made this discovery, has already created his own server with his dream rules and writes: “This is how Battlefield 2042 should be played” (via Twitter).
  • Alex Co therefore asks him to spread this information widely and wonders: “Why the hell wasn’t this communicated officially?”
  • enigmatic again says: “Don’t let them know! They’re going to do what they always do and remove it entirely because they think ‘XP in Portal = Bad’.”

This step, although it was never officially announced, is apparently another part of the update offensive that EA and DICE started with Battlefield 2042 at the beginning of the year.

What do you think of this change? Is that enough for you guys to give Battlefield 2042 or Battlefield Portal a try again specifically? Or is that just a drop in the ocean for you? Tell us in the comments.

The MeinMMO editorial team is also hotly discussing whether Battlefield 2042 can still be saved:

No matter what Battlefield 2042 does now – it’s too late



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