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Battlefield 2042 finally reveals how they plan to save the bad maps


Battlefield 2042’s maps are among the game’s major criticisms. Now the developer DICE has commented extensively on this, mentions the biggest problems and what one would like to improve in the future. That goes down well with the players.

What’s the problem with the maps? Even before the release of Battlefield 2042, there was concern that the new maps for 128 players could be too large and empty to deliver the “typical Battlefield experience”.

With the release, some maps confirmed players’ concerns, such as the urban kaleidoscope map, which has often been criticized for its structure, lack of coverage, and placement of strategic points.

In a large blog post, developer DICE has now commented in detail on the situation and what should change.

This is how Battlefield 2042 wants to improve its maps

DICE has identified five major issues that they want to address in the future and gradually improve all of the maps significantly:

  • Locomotion: One of the biggest criticisms is that the footpaths from base to flag or from flag to flag are far too long for infantrymen. The players are distributed through the larger maps. It went so far that Battlefield 2042 was even called a running simulator.
  • Intensity: Here, especially in breakthrough mode, the chaos factor is often too great and in a negative sense. Here some tests were carried out on the number of players.
  • field of view: The criticism here is that some maps have too many areas where enemies have a clear view from a distance. This mainly applies to Kaleidoscope, but other maps also have the problem.
  • Paths: Another rework ensures that the important paths to objectives are more clearly visible to players. Without these paths, it would favor fire coming from all directions, which is not a motivating gameplay experience.
  • Cover: Similar to field of view, players on most maps simply lack objects to shelter behind.

There are already some solutions to all of these points. So you want to shorten the walkways, possibly reduce the number of players in breakthrough to 64, place more objects for cover and specify clearer paths.

Here’s a concrete example on the Kaleidoscope map in Breakthrough mode:

Battlefield 2042 map improvements
On the left you can see the new variant of Kaleidoscope.

These are some of the potential changes:

  • The base A2 has been swapped with A1 and A is now completely different, further away from B1. This makes a rarely used part of the map more interesting and relieves the path between the original A2 and B1.
  • C2 is also relocated and is now closer to C1, although it looks like the dot is on the roof of a skyscraper.

There should also be some improvements for conquest:

Battlefield 2042 Conquest Improvements
  • In addition to A1, there is now also A2 on Kaleidoskop, i.e. another flag to conquer. Similar to Breakthrough, this finally makes the area of ​​the map more interesting.
  • C1 was completely relocated and C2 was added. You are right between B1/B2 and F1/F2. As a result, there should be a lot more going on on the side of the map, which should also relieve D1 in the center.
  • The new distribution of the flags and the newly added G1, E2 and A1 should probably distribute the battle from the center more onto the map.

How all of this will play out in game remains to be seen. Keep in mind that everything shown above is “work in progress” so won’t necessarily come into play that way.

When are the improvements coming? DICE first admits that you can’t completely revise all maps in one update. The innovations should gradually come into play.

You want to prioritize which of the cards has the most problems. The first is Kaleidoscope and the special update for the map should come during the first season:

Our current focus is Kaleidoscope, for Conquest and Breakthrough. This is the map where we can improve gameplay the most, and it’s also where you can expect updates first. We currently plan to deliver updates specific to Kaleidoscope throughout Season 1, and your feedback will not only help us fine-tune these changes, but will also tell us what to improve next.

When is Season 1 coming? After the start was postponed, the first season of Battlefield 2042 should appear in the summer. There is no exact date yet.

The feedback will not only flow into the current maps, but also into the planned maps that are still to come into play. Thus, the first map from Season 1 is also affected. Whether positive or negative remains to be seen.

What are the players saying about this? The first reactions are cautious, but still cautiously optimistic. After the bad mood in recent months, many are happy that there is finally better news again.

Especially since the scoreboard update was postponed again recently. The update with some “Quality of life” improvements has already been postponed several times.

The problems and ideas for improvement mentioned are also rated positively by most of them. But many are still skeptical about how much of it will end up in the game and when.

But what do you think of the information? Do you share the criticism of the maps? What else would you improve?


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