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Battlefield 2042 Gets an Update from the Development Team on Season 4 Today

The Battlefield 2042 team has released the latest update from the development team, giving fans a rundown of everything to come in Season 4: Last Minute, available free to all players starting February 28. .

Hosted by Tom Straatman, DICE Community Manager, and Alexia Christofi, Associate Producer, the video offers an in-depth look at the new Critical Point map, the addition of gank specialist Camila Blasco and her X6 infiltration device, as well as a recap of new vehicles, weapons and gadgets. Additionally, the episode contains never-before-seen gameplay clips from the development team to showcase the new content.

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The video also shows off the latest in reworked versions of the Battlefield 2042 launch maps, this time with Debris, available later in Season 4. Lastly, players can also take a look at new concept art showing what’s going on. which is on the way for Season 5.

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You can watch the trailer for Battlefield 2042 Season 4: Last Hour below:

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