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Battlefield 2042 launches a new update that brings renewed leaderboards and a gift


Patch 3.3 also includes various bug fixes on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

It’s been on the market for a few months now, but Battlefield 2042 hasn’t managed to turn around the controversial feeling it left at the start. From DICE and EA They have responded to player feedback and promised future improvements to their maps, but for now more minor changes are still coming to enhance the current gameplay experience.

This same Tuesday comes the update 3.3 to the war title, and in the patch notes we see that there is a great novelty on top of the bug fixes. We talk about the renewal of bookmarks that, although it was announced, is now available on both PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. In this way, the ranking interface in the games has received a facelift based on the opinions of the community. You can see her new look below:


Battlefield 2042

Its managers tell us that the summary of the game has been improved by being placed on the left of the screen. keep showing game informationgoal progress, and ticket counts, as well as personal stats like kills, assists, and deaths, along with current ping.

The interface will continue to improve in the future Ranking now includes a team split for some team-based modes like Conquest, Breakthrough, Rush, or TCT: Team, as well as specifying the kill stat. However, these will not be the last changesbut the interface will continue to be in constant development and it is likely that more modifications will arrive in the future.

Similarly, the update brings numerous bug fixes, both regarding general issues and conflicts in game modes, as well as changes related to keyboard and controller mapping. As compensation for the delayed season, the gift of the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle EA Play Pro subscribers and owners of the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Pass, or Year 1 Pass upgrade.


Battlefield 2042 Image

To claim, the contents will be found under Collection and Game Sheet upon login, and the bundle includes the following:


  • Zero Resistance skin for Mackay
  • Grasshopper weapon skin for the K30
  • Rapidhammer weapon skin for the M44
  • Iron Carriage Vehicle Skin for the M5C Bolte
  • Rib Breaker Melee Weapon Skin
  • Gambling Chip Background Firm
  • Gambling token icon Sign

As we mentioned at the beginning, the first months of Battlefield 2042 have not been the best. Last month a collection of signatures began to demand refunds, but not only the bad perception comes from the players. Electronic Arts itself has assumed the failure of the game and internally they have pointed to several factors as the cause of it.


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