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Battlefield 2042 Season 4 “Last Hour” is now available

Specialists, get ready to jump into Battlefield 2042 Season 4: Last Minute today!

Taking the fight to the rocky landscapes of South Africa, the new Season 4 map, Flashpoint, presents players with a unique set of challenges. Vehicles can take cover outside, while players are engaged in melee combat in the vast interior spaces of the map, including an underground tunnel where they are forced to take up arms in head-to-head combat encounters.

New specialist and reconnaissance expert Camila “Blasco” arrives in custom tactical gear to move across the landscape without alerting any motion sensing technology. Her X6 infiltration device prevents hostile devices from connecting, interferes with active detection technology, and creates dead zones, locating and revealing enemy technology in order to destroy or disable it.

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Below you will find a brief summary of the additional content of Season Four:

  • New Weapon – Super 500 Shotgun – A compact short-range firearm that is meant for breaching, but can also be adapted for melee combat.

  • New Weapon – RM68 – This is a customizable assault rifle with a built-in silencer, offering counterweight for improved stability and recoil control.

  • New Weapon – AC9 Machine Gun: A light machine gun with special ergonomics in the receiver to maximize control in quick exchanges of fire from the hip.

  • New Weapon – RPT-31 Light Machine Gun: A larger machine gun with a low rate of fire, high-hitting shells, a very fast bullet velocity, and an exclusive “flip-scope” attachment.

  • New Gadget – SPH Explosive Grenade Launcher – A gadget with sticky explosives capable of attaching itself to players, objects and vehicles, making it the perfect tool of destruction and anti-infantry combat weapon.

  • New Vehicle – CAV-Brawler: This maneuverable IFV-type vehicle traverses tight spaces and protects soldiers. In addition to its active threat detection and a proximity defense system that launches grenades in all directions, it functions as a squad spawn point, allowing allies to spawn alongside the vehicle, even when it’s full.

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These core content additions are available to all players as part of the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass free tier*; additional cosmetic items can be obtained through the Premium version of the Battle Pass**.

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Season 4 brings with it the return of the Battlefield class system, which assigns Specialists one of four classic and familiar classes: Assault, Engineering, Recon, and Support. This new system also redefines the equipment specialists have access to, creating a more structured and understandable role for players.


Later this season, the next map in the series of revamped experiences is Discarded, which includes improvements to sight lines and visibility, variety of cover to improve infantry combat, better control points, all-new areas in the map and much more.