Battlefield 2042: Season One Leak Shows New Specialist and Battle Pass

Tom Henry

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Some secret treasures can be found in the source code. A leaker was able to extract new content for the upcoming first season from the Battlefield 2042 code. Under the name “Zero Hour” you should expect a battle pass, a specialist and more.

What to expect in season one

After several patches that tried to straighten out the shooter’s mistakes, the first season will soon be released. According to the leaker, you can temporoyal about the Polish specialist Eweline Lis, a battle pass with exclusive rewards and the two stealth helicopters RAH-68 Shoshone and KA-99 Hannibal.

Further clues point to a new rocket launcher and two adjusted modes. In Exposure Conquest 24/7 and Exposure Mayhem. The latter allows you to go into battle with increased shooting and running speed.

The M-17, the TTS-Exceed, the Sig Sauer M-17, the M45A1 and the MGA Saw K could also find their way into Battlefield 2042.


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