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Battlefield 2042: The Game’s Biggest Change Is Coming, Fans Are Not Happy


Battlefield 2042: The Game’s Biggest Change Is Coming, Fans Are Not Happy

Battlefield 2042 will soon be entitled to the most significant overhaul of its game system. A long-awaited update that is already criticized by players.

Can DICE really save Battlefield 2042? The studio has redoubled its efforts since the release to save the game and offer a tailor-made experience to players, the antithesis of what the game was when it was released. For several months, the game has been multiplying updates, completely reviewing its balancing, the level desEsports Extrasof its cards, etc. With the big 3.2 patch which will arrive in a few days, Battlefield 2042 tackles one of the most criticized points of the game since its release: the specialists. DICE aims to return to the old class system, and has just unveiled its plans in detail. Obviously, even if it is highly anticipated by fans, most do not seem convinced by these changes and the patch is strongly criticized when it is not even available yet.

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Classes are back in Battlefield 2042!

The very big patch 3.2 of Battlefield 2042 will be available in a few days and DICE split a post at the end of the week to give us all the information about it.
At its launch, BF 2042 tried new game mechanics with specialists, characters that were supposed to act as unique classes that would diversify game approaches. Although interesting on paper, players mostly didn’t like these gameplay changes.
DICE then declared that it would work to bring back its “old school” game mechanics so appreciated by its community, and it is happening!

As of patch 3.2, specialists will therefore be placed in classes as in the days of the ancients Battlefield. Gadgets will no longer be universal and will also fall into specific classes, just like some offensive equipment. Only weapons will remain available for all profiles. You can absolutely play an Engineer with a sniper or a Recon with a light machine gun.
However, to direct players towards certain types of weapons, each class will have specific bonuses related to certain categories of armament.

  • Assault – Assault Rifles: 3 additional magazines
  • Engineer – Light Machine Gun: Improved dispersion while crouching or prone
  • Support – Submachine Guns: Faster draw time recognition
  • Recon – Sniper Rifles: Immediate, constant and stable range

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Specialists will retain their unique abilities and/or gadgets, however, but that’s it.

Some players still not convinced

However, these changes are obviously not enough for some players and there are already many disappointed. Although specialists have, on paper, more than a cosmetic role attached to a specific gadget, some fans are not satisfied. For them, nothing beats the good old restricted classes with specific gadgets, equipment and armaments. On the web, like on Reddit for example, many find these changes unnecessary. According to them, it will not change anything in terms of gameplay.

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Others, on the other hand, are tempered and seem rather happy with this overhaul. They also agree that specialists are now just “special gadgets” and that DICE makes its game more strategic and more readable, now forcing players to make choices and play as a minimum as a team.

Patch 3.2 of Battlefiled 2042 will be available soon on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Patch notes will be coming soon to go into more detail.

And for you ? Useful or completely anecdotal changes?

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