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Battlefield 2042 will receive the class system update next week

Electronic Arts has detailed the long-awaited Battlefield 2042 update 3.2, which will introduce a class-based system.

Developer DICE announced last August that it planned to rework the game’s “polarizing” specialist system to bring it closer to something that would be more familiar to players from previous series.

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The new system, detailed here, allows users to play as Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Support classes. Classes can be customized with equipment, gadgets, and weapon abilities.

Next week’s update also features a reworked version of the Breakaway map, which has been “simplified and reduced in size to encourage more intense encounters than you’ve previously experienced.”

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New vault weapons, previously only available on the Battlefield Portal and accessible in All-Out Warfare once unlocked, include the M39 EMR, MTAR-21, and PP-2000.

There’s also a new suppressor and scopes, among other features included in the update (see full patch notes).

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“Update 3.2.0 is an important moment for the team as we have worked on the Return to the Class System for Battlefield 2042, along with many other changes and improvements,” DICE said.