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Battlefield recovers all its glory and epic with a mod that changes it completely, and I teach you how to install it for free

The idea behind shooter tactical It fascinates me and drives me away in equal parts. I am a curious user who moves through the “veins”, moments in which I feel like launching myself into the battlefield to conquer the terrain from a more leisurely approach; while at other times I throw the “one men army“and I charge for a tank by myself, and without weapons to deal with it. That is why when it was announced Reality MOD for Battlefield 3 I assumed that perhaps the imminent future of the war franchise would go through recovering that shooter 2011 with a total modification of the gaming experience.


What this mod is looking for is to distance or minimize the arcade and crazy concept inherent to Battlefield, and bring its gameplay closer to that of games like SQUAD or ArmA, although sacrificing that component of hollywood movie that accompanies the DICE saga. It may seem somewhat contrary, even something that perhaps, in the mouth of others, may be a detail against you as a player giving it a chance. Nothing is further from reality. Is Battlefield 3 just as epic, badass, and beastly as ever? Yes, but much more complex.

Games of this style greatly limit the gaming experience to something more real, although with logical tradeoffs. For example, our soldier in Battlefield 3 multiplayer could run without getting tired, while here he has a stamina bar —quite big, I must say— that hinders the “me against the world” mentioned before. In addition, the head and movement of our character has been modified to simulate the experience of being on a battlefield. We are not a stick figure walking around the game map that is only affected by recoil once it fires, but here the walking is erratic, clumsy and very imprecise. Running is not a marathon either, now it is slow and heavy, what you would expect in real life with more than 30 Kg of weight on top of weapons, weapons and clothing.


The game’s mapping has not undergone any major changes, although the tactical approach makes them look completely new. There are also no vehicles on the maps —although they will be included, if we look at the roadmap, in the future—, so everything is reduced to what is known as “close combat“, where he makes real muscle. Maps like Sabalan Pipeline, very wide and with huge open areas, are perceived as alien to this proposal. They are not at all striking, they seem more like a walking simulator than a game map in a war environment. We found the crumb in very urban mapstactical, close and terrifying, not trusting a stone on the road just in case it is an enemy.


Of course, the important thing is gun play. I had some doubts before launching myself because my greatest experience in the genre was at the time Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and I knew that this mod was not going to reach the same level, although I don’t think that the Reality MOD team had proposed so much either. campaign. Still, the base gameplay is far enough removed from the base game that the experience is as satisfactory as difficult to master, and that is where the grace and fun of each fight is – which, by the way, raise the bet to more than 1 hour of fighting. Bullet drop is now much steeper and damage has been increased so that a well-placed shot is an instant kill. In fact, shooting “Rambo” is over, the smart thing is that every bullet counts.

It has also been applied bleeding system very consistent, but there is no way, at least for now, to see where you have been hit or how much you have left until you end up in a hole. Yes we can, for example, apply a bandage to our body automatically, but, again, it seems that those concessions that other games make to strike a logical balance between having fun and being hard and rough have been lost. We also can’t see how many bullets we have in our magazines – although if we dispose of one by just firing one, we’ll lose the rest – and the armament is somewhat limited


The team’s work is not limited to taking the game and putting a shiny layer of realism on top, but a total change / Image: Reality Mod

Does this imply that you don’t have to give him a chance? Not at all, they are small details that I should comment on. These types of titles benefit greatly from a dedicated community and just telling you that its player rate, at least on Steam, has suffered a slight upturn, it is synonymous with a good performance —and that in the platform of Valve the community of Battlefield is much more scarce—. That yes, at least for now the fact of having combats of 100 players It is a double-edged blade. In the 2 weeks I’ve been playing, only 3 servers a day had a number above the usual 64 players of the base game, so now the ball is in the dev team’s court for an effective update policy.


The Battlefield saga returns to its old ways after 2042, and it does so by recovering its most cinematic moments

How to play Reality MOD?

Keep in mind that this mod requires us to have all Battlefield 3 DLC purchased and installed.

  • We first sEsports Extrasup for the VU client which gives us access to custom servers.
  • With the game installed, we download and install the VU client.
  • We start VU Client and login with our account.
  • We create a player (we can have up to 4 linked to 1 account).
  • We search for “realitymod” in the search bar to display the dedicated servers.