Battlefield: This developer studio is working on a new single player campaign

It looks like it will Battlefield 2042 never have a single player campaign. The upcoming title will probably change that again. After it was reported that EA is looking for a team in Seattlewhich is developing a single-player story for the next title in the shooter series, the job advertisement has meanwhile borne fruit and it became a new developer studio launched, which will be dedicated to this task.

EA announces new Battlefield studio

Electronic Arts officially announced a new studio this week, which will participate in a “narrative campaign” will work, which is set in the game universe of the series. This new studio is called Ridgeline Games and is from Marcus Lehto directed. Lehto is the co-inventor of Halo and the original designer of MasterChief.

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It was announced late last year that Lehto would be working in a Seattle-based studio under EA. The game director shared a few details about what type of content the studio would be working on in a press release accompanying the announcement at the time:

“It’s a great honor to work with DICE and Ripple Effect to help expand the storytelling and character development of the Battlefield series.”

Lehto was head of the development studio before Ridgeline Games V1 Interactivebefore it was dissolved. The studio only released a single game called disintegration on the market. The online sci-fi shooter was released in June 2020.

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The title’s multiplayer servers were shut down in November of the same year because the online game failed to garner a significant following. In March 2021, V1 Interactive announced that the studio would be closing.

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