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Bayonetta 3 explains its combat system in a new gameplay

The release date of Bayonetta 3 it’s not very far anymore. There is exactly a month and a half left for that October 28 in which the witch of Umbra and her allies embark on a new adventure full of mystique, sensuality and, above all, lots of action. And to tell the truth, we haven’t seen much of the third chapter of the saga so far. But this Nintendo Direct has changed that fact and reminded us of the closeness of the title’s launch with its most generous trailer to date. A gameplay of almost 8 minutes of duration. Go get popcorn!

The longest Bayonetta 3 trailer

The new Bayonetta 3 video has allowed us to see a little more of the spectacular scenarios of the game, the fight of the protagonist against the Homunculi, using skills already known as combos and Witch Time. The invocation of infernal demonsas hinted at in previous trailers, has evolved into a new mechanic where we can control them directly, and alternating their use with that of the witch will be a key tactic against tricky enemies.

In addition, new combat mechanics have been introduced such as the Demonic Mask, the result of imbuing Bayonetta’s weapons with demonic powers. This new form will improve Bayonetta’s abilities, achieving more powerful combos and special attacks. The relationship between the weapons and demons hellions: each weapon is linked to one of them. As an addition, these demons can now also be used in the phases of explorationto access secret places.

Finally, we have discovered more about Viola, the mysterious new character. His existence is key to the story, and he is also a playable character. She is an apprentice witch armed with a sword and magic darts, and her fighting style is different: she activates Witch Time by blocking attacks and has the hell demon cheshire as an ally. Finally, the different difficulty modes and the return of the game have been confirmed. Immortal Puppetan object that facilitates combos and combat.

There is less left to go into the new adventure of the witch of Umbra. Bayonetta 3 awaits us on October 28. Don’t make plans for Halloween!


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