Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon will be a kind of prequel to learn about the origins of the Umbra witch

Tom Henry

We are still enjoying the magnificent Bayonetta 3 on Nintendo Switch, which has been chosen as the best action game of the year at The Game Awards 2022, but in reality this has not been the main reason why it has been the protagonist at the gala, since the development of Bayonetta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon.

The title in question has all the earmarks that it will be about a kind of prequelsince it will be carried out by a younger version of the witch from Umbra called Cereza, in order to know her origins before she was known by the name of Bayonetta.

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Her journey will take her into the forbidden Forest of Avalon, though she will not be alone. She will accompany her at all times, Cheshire, her first demon, so that she can alternate between either of the two at all times to cross this sinister place and thus save Cereza’s mother.

Each of the Joy-Con will be assigned to one of the two characters, being the left Joy-Con the one that will control Cherry to move her and bind the enemies with her magic, while the right Joy-Con will be used to move Cheshire and cut. As for its release, it is set for the March 17 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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