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because too many complain: player asks what diablo 4 does

Diablo 4 is currently getting criticism from many quarters. One player gets overwhelmed and wants to know from the community what the good parts of the game are. Hundreds of users join the discussion and show why they love the game.

Where is the discussion coming from?

  • Diablo 4 was released on June 6th and was extremely well received in the first few days.
  • After about three weeks, the mood slowly began to change. There was more and more criticism of the endgame, especially from frequent players.
  • The gripes have now almost completely taken over Reddit and the forums. Casuals in particular are bothered by this, they want information about the game and not constantly reading the same criticisms that do not concern them.

These are the answers: That’s why user Twiz96 called on Reddit for players to share their opinions on the good stuff in Diablo 4. He wants to know what the game is actually doing right.

In just a few hours, the thread has amassed over 1,200 comments, some with even more upvotes than the original post. Some of the most popular features according to the community include:

However, the user Normal-Equivalent259 received the greatest approval. He writes in his comment: the best thing about the game is that you can just gamble, no matter how long. There is always something to do and you always make progress somehow.

By the way, in the game players like to talk via emotes. Here’s how to best use the emote wheel:

Diablo 4: How to get the most out of the emote wheel

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“Kill some mobs, find some statues”

The community debates that Diablo 4 is just ideal, just to be played. There is something for every style of play and any amount of free time:

You only have 20 minutes? Kill some mobs or find some Lilith statues. The girlfriend is away and you have nothing but whiskey, pizza and a rotten attitude? Gamble through 16 hours.

According to some other users, that’s exactly what you expect from Diablo 4, especially as a gamer over 30. Just play, ideally with friends – that’s how the game is even more fun.

A little bit of constructive criticism is mixed into the discussion and through other threads on Reddit. For example, the bases are something that one would like to repeat. One idea would be to reset them every week with new bosses and quests just as an incentive.

Sound and graphic desEsports Extrasare also apparently a double-edged sword. It’s really great, but maybe a little “too good”. Because some players feel so lulled by the world that they just fall asleep:

Players fall asleep on Diablo 4, look for explanations, come out on highways

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