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Before you buy any gaming mouse, use this tool to compare it to yours from every angle. | Top News

before you buy any gaming mouse, use this tool to

the world of PC Gaming it is one so varied that, even for the most seasoned, with the enormous list of companies that have jumped on the bandwagon of any gadget for this platform, you get lost. When buying a mouse you have to be very careful, not only because in everything we buy it is worth playing it safe, but because the size goes a long way, even if it is a real “cucumber” mouse. And, my friends, for this we have EloShapesa website that lets us look at the silhouette and compare their size and shape with more than 100 mice on the market.


Yes, we have spent years thinking: “what if my next mouse is smaller than the one I have now? I don’t want to play it.” And it is that although in the specifications we can read the size to get an idea, there are times when a small millimeter less can mean nothing, or be everything. So EloShapes comes to save the day.

The importance of mouse size

Not only do you have to know well what type of peripheral you need according to the use that you are going to give it in the future, but a mouse, especially if you are going to spend a lot of time on the PC, must be suitable for your hand, your table, the rest of the peripherals and your hobbies. Sounds like we have to take into account many factorsbut we are talking about a device that, hopefully, will be with us for years.



As a general rule, a mouse the bigger the better. This is a mantra that we should always carry with us, although it will depend greatly on the size of our hand. Of course, how much greater its size, greater surface we will have to support our palm of the hand and thereby achieve a good posture. In this case, we are already entering the field of ergonomicsand although there are specific models for teleworking or remote work, mice gaming As a general rule, they are quite ergonomic —especially if we take into account that they want us to use them in more or less short periods of time.


How does EloShapes work and why do I recommend it?

At this point, we must mention EloShapes, not only because it is the reason for writing this text, but because it will surely be as useful to you as it is to me. EloShapes is a independent project developed by a single person throughout 2021. After launching several betas, it was finally launched last 2022 as a website on constant updateand that’s where EloShapes’ best asset comes from: it’s not a watertight website.

Image of EloShapes (EloShapes)

We can even include Apple’s Magic Mouse in the comparison

It includes more than 100 recent mice and a few years behind them, but it has also been updated with the latest models on the market. All of them include a silhouette measured to the millimeter of their size. These are their 3 pillars:

  • You can compare among all of them without any filter, looking not only at the size, but how they affect their “bumps”. Also, you can share that comparison with friends.
  • In case models are missing, EloShapes leaves it up to us add them manually. Even if necessary update those that are already there in case they present errors.
  • The base is the comparison, but we can also access the very complete database to look not only at the model, but at the DPI, connectivity, or the times that said mouse has been searched for comparison.

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Of course, I tell you that once I change my Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED, I will use this platform. A life changer of volume and loin. One of those tools that you didn’t know why nobody had thought of, but you only realize when it already exists.

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