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Bella Ramsey was criticized for not looking like a “Hollywood actress” in an audition

The excitement of HBO’s The Last of Us has already dropped a lot, but the main actors of the series continue to give interviews and now Bella Ramsey has confessed something interesting that happened to her in one of her first auditions.

Bella Ramsey he’s already been showing off his amazing singing and guitar skills ahead of the fan-favorite ‘Take On Me’ scene. However, the actor recently revealed when they started auditioning in the acting world, they were told they didn’t have “the Hollywood look”.


As reported by the UNILAD website, at a very early audition, before the actor’s days on Game of Thrones, Bella was told they didn’t look right. They explained: “I was told [en] one of my first auditions […] The director really liked me but I didn’t get the part because I didn’t have ‘the Hollywood look’”. Bella added, “That’s something I’ve always found very interesting.”

That is a horrible thing to say to a child and also what exactly is the “Hollywood look”? Shouldn’t storytelling and cinema represent us all? Unfortunately, Bella has also faced backlash from some haters when it comes to The Last of Us.

Many people think that she deserves to be nominated for every award for her amazing performance, but she got a lot of negative feedback when her role as Ellie was announced.