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Bendy and the Dark Revival will be available on consoles next March

Bendy and the Dark Revival he’s alive! The followers of bendy and the ink machine Those who expected news, like rain in May, about this horror title at the hands of Joey Drew Studios are in luck. It has just been made official that the game, until now only available on PC, It will be released to consoles on March 1st.. Be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Functioning as a sequel to Bendy and the Ink Machine, we will put ourselves at the controls of Aubrey exploring the depths of a terrifying animation studio. We will run into creepy creatures and we will have to face up to ink creatures to recover part of our health when we are damaged. A kind of Roger Rabbit combined with bioshock and borderlandsin case you want to make a mental scheme.

An animated world that promises to become our worst nightmare soon available on consoles

In Bendy and the Dark Revival we will have to solve all kinds of puzzlesunder the constant pressure of a terrifying atmosphere that could pounce on us at any moment, at the same time that we fight animation demons that will not hesitate to send us to the other neighborhood in less than a rooster crows. This installment promises to increase the doses of terror seen in the previous title by combining skill, stealth and strategy phases. In less than a month it will be available for download on the different consoles mentioned.

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In its day, we also analyzed bendy and the ink machine: “Bendy and the Ink Machine is your typical indie new age puzzle horror game, and it doesn’t try to hide it. Unlike other proposals, it will not quickly fall into oblivion thanks to the fact that the setting is interesting, its characters are curious and at least during our first game we will want to know how it ends. Obviously there are much better alternatives within the genre and the most obvious should be resident evil 7which is for all intents and purposes an improved version of the mechanics that we will find here.”

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