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BenQ GV11, full review and analysis in Spanish

After analyzing last year his older brother, the GV30, with us today we have the review of the BenQ GV11, a very compact and versatile portable projector. And it is that with its rotating base, we can project its WXGA image both on the wall and on the ceiling, or on any other surface that we fancy, even outside the home.

BenQ GV11 - Tests

Before starting the review we want to thank BenQ your confidence in The Computer Tinkerer by submitting this product to us for analysis.


BenQ GV11 Technical Specifications

BenQ GV11
projection system DLP-LED
Lifespan: 20,000 – 30,000 hours
Picture WVGA – 854 x 480 pixels – 16:9
200 ANSI Lumen
Contrast: 100,000:1 (FOFO)
Color: 24-bit (16.7 billion colors)
92% Rec. 709
Projection Recommended diagonal: 40” – 60”
Projection index: 1.35 (35” @ 1m)‎
Projection angle of 135º
manual focus
1D keystone correction adjustment: ±40º automatic vertical
Displacement: 100%
Smart TV BenQ QS01 Dongle
android tv 10
Amlogic S905 Y2 (4 x A53 + 2/16GB)
Wi-Fi 5 + BT
Dolby DTS
Autonomy 2.5 hours
Sonority 25 dBA (ECO/Typical)
Sound 5W treVolo 270º speaker
connectivity 1 x HDMI 1.4b
1 x HDMI 1.4b (internal)
3.5mm jack output
Dimensions 113.5 x 153.3 x 140mm
Weight 0.97kg

Packaging and Accessories

outer packaging

The first step in the review of the BenQ GV11 is to remove it from its packaging, a white cardboard cover that shows us its desEsports Extrason the front and which in turn contains a cardboard box of the same color inside.

inner packing

In it we find the transport case of the projector, very resistant and well finished, and an additional box with the dongle that provides multimedia functions to the projector as we will now discuss.

BenQ GV11 Carry Case and Dongle

BenQ GV11 Carrying Case

Inside the case, we find both the projector and the rest of the accessories. In addition to the documentation and a quick user guide, we find a compact current transformer with two possible plugs, a very practical remote control with multimedia functions and the dongle.


BenQ GV11 - Manual

BenQ GV11 - Transformer

BenQ GV11 - Remote control

BenQ QS01

BenQ QS01

Specifically, it includes BenQ QS01a dongle with android tv 10 that we have already seen in other projectors of the brand. It has the processor Amlogic S905 Y2 (4 x A53 + 2/16 GB) and grants the functions of Smart TV, also offering connectivity wifi 5 Y bluetooth to the set.

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BenQ QS01 2

BenQ GV11

BenQ GV11

We continue the review of BenQ GV11 already with the projector on our work table. It offers a modern and well-finished design, with some dimensions of 113.5 x 153.3 x 140mm and a weight of 0.97kg which make it really portable. We can easily move it around the house and it includes taking it anywhere with us in its case, being really practical so as not to always have it in the same position.


BenQ GV11 - Front

On its front we find the projection lens that allows a image between 40 and 60 inches optimally, although we can enlarge it losing image quality. It has a projection system DLP which gives an image with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels a 60hz, very scarce in the middle of 2023 by the standards that are usually handled. A lamp takes care of the lighting leds with 200 ANSI Lumenequally somewhat scarce, promising a lamp durability of 30,000 hours (1,250 days or 3 and a half years). It also specifies a contrast 100,000:1 (FOFO) and a color palette of 24 bit compatible to 92% with the standard Rec. 709.

BenQ GV11 - Lens

BenQ GV11 - Controls

On the upper face we find some basic controls that allow, above all, the use as bluetooth speakeran additional function that does not require an image and that can always be very useful.

BenQ GV11 - right side

On one of the sides we find a wheel that allows us to regulate the manual focus, something essential to have a clear image depending on the projection distance. It is true that it is missing that this is automatic, although on the contrary if it has vertical auto keystone correction in 30º.



BenQ GV11 - left side

On the opposite side we find the connectivity, as well as the grill that reveals the 5W treVolo speaker that promises to offer 270º surround sound. It has a HDMI 1.4b video input and a USB 2.0 port from which to play multimedia content, although we can also send the video wirelessly from our smartphone or tablet.

BenQ GV11 - Connectivity

BenQ GV11 - rear side

We must emphasize that the BenQ GV11 has a battery what promises 2.5 hours of autonomyideal for watching a movie without having it plugged in.

A peculiar detail is that its base allows it to be rotated 135º to place it vertically and therefore project the image on the ceiling, something quite interesting, especially for use from bed.

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BenQ GV11 - base

BenQ GV11 - open

Before starting the tests, we must install the dongle inside, a simple process by simply removing the side cover and connecting it to the internal HDMI port and the USB that feeds it.

BenQ GV11 - Dongle

BenQ GV11 tests

BenQ GV11 - Tests

For our tests, placed the BenQ GV11 in our living room almost 2 meters away from the projection screen, generating an image of some 60-65 inches. We do not have the possibility of zooming, so the distance at which we place it will affect the size of the projection with a relationship 1.35. In addition, we must perform a manual focus that will at least only take a few seconds, while the keystone correction it is automatic and corrects the verticality perfectly.

BenQ GV11 - Android TV 10

After turning it on, we are welcomed by the operating system android tv 10, which we can configure in about 5 minutes with the help of our smartphone or just with the remote control in a little more time. Navigation through its menus is comfortable and fluid, and it is also possible to use orders from the Google assistant from the remote control if it is more practical for us. In addition, the remote allows access to a menu of the projector itself from which to configure some system parameters or the image mode.


OSD Menu

tests 1

For the review of BenQ GV11we have played movies on Netflix, various videos on YouTube and we have even played a game from the Xbox Series X. In any case, the lack of resolution for these times is evident, since 480p is far from the native resolution of the content modern.

tests 2

We cannot say that from a certain distance it looks terribly bad, but greater resolution and, above all, greater contrast are needed. And it is that with 200 lumens we also have very little lighting, offering little contrast and making vision difficult as soon as there is ambient lighting. Therefore, we will have to use it in the dark to obtain the best image quality, or very close to the projection screen to also achieve the same purpose, although with a very small diagonal.

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tests 3

One aspect that we must highlight is its sound, since its 5W treVolo speaker works wonderfully for both watching a movie and listening to music, without being excessively demanding.

tests 4

On the other hand, we cannot recommend it for games as it has a somewhat high input lag. However, no one says that we cannot play solitaire on it, but not fluid titles that require a quick response.

Lastly note that meets the promised autonomy of 2.5 hoursso we should not have problems watching most movies or several episodes of a series.



BenQ GV11

We conclude the review of the BenQ GV11 highlighting that this is a very portable projector, weighing only 1 kg and very compact measurements that facilitate its transport, even more so within the included case. However, the fact that it is so compact goes against the image quality and with a 480p resolution this is somewhat poor, as its 200 lumens do not allow it to be used with too much ambient light. The system plays in your favor Android TV very smoothsome speakers that give very good sound and video inputs HDMI Y usb2.0while what we also miss is the autofocus.

We can find for sale the BenQ GV11 in stores like Amazon for 330 euros, a high price if we take into account that there are 720p or even 1080p models for a similar amount. Currently you can participate in a draw for it on the official website, something that you should not miss in case you are lucky.

Main advantages
+ Very compact and portable design
+ Automatic keystone correction
+ Good sound quality and power
+ Very fluid Android TV 10 system
+ Very practical and ergonomic remote control
+ Influences transport case
Negative Aspects
High price
480p is a scarce resolution nowadays
Other Aspects
* Could offer autofocus
* Somewhat fair autonomy, about 2.5 hours

from the The Computer Tinkerer we grant him the Silver Award to projector BenQ GV11.


Silver Award

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