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Berserk has a new chapter and it is not what his followers were waiting for

Not everyone is happy with the direction it’s taking…

Much has been said about the possible end of Berserk, one of the most important manga in history after the death of Kentaro Miura, author of the work, in 2021. It had been mentioned if his team of assistants would finish the final plot arcs or if another external person would take on this important role. Doubts have been resolved and it has been confirmed that Kouji Mori, a friend of the author, will write the long-awaited closing.

Before continuing, it is important to say that yes. haven’t read Berserk’s latest chapter yet, Chapter 369, you might want to stay away, as we’re going to be diving into some serious spoiler territory for the grim anime franchise. Berserk is nothing but dark and depressing, and true to these attributes, the latest chapter of the manga has destroyed a major trump card that Guts and his allies had in the battle against Griffith and his demonic forces.

kentaro miura berserk ending

After the death of Kentaro Miura, Berserk has been between the debate to continue or not. And, now it falls to Kouji Mori to continue this work.

As writer Kouji Mori and the artists at Studio Gaga continue to pick up where Kentaro Miura left off, it’s clear they have a plan for the future of the remaining members of the Band of Falcons and those unlucky enough to meet them. Nevertheless, it might not be the ending that the strongest fans (and clinging to the classic stories) are waiting for. All starting with the “turn” they decided to give to the world created by Kentaro Miura.

Elfhelm no longer officially exists. The magical island that was teeming with supernatural creatures, including elves, fairies, witches, and other beings, is no longer part of the “real world” thanks to Griffith’s actions and powers as the newest member of Godhand. This is a blow to Guts and his allies, as these were the most powerful creatures they encountered and they were on his side. Which reflects a change in the direction these warriors planned to take.

kouji mori berserk

Griffith, Casca, and Guts are the three main characters in Berserk.

The heroes of Berserk traveled to Elfhelm not only to restore Casca to sanity, which had been missing since their return from the Eclipse after the Golden Age Arc, but also as a way to empower themselves through new weapons, a better understanding of magic, along with potential revelations when it came to things. like Guts’ Berserker armor. Now, nothing remains of the inhabitants and their magical surroundings, as they have been extracted from the “corporeal world”. So the expectation that had been raised about this bow has just been completely shot down.

This could spell serious trouble for one of Guts’ greatest allies who has been with him since the first chapter., since the fairy Puck fell into the category of residents of Elfhlem. While Puck was not seen disappearing from the world like his brother, we still have to see if he will continue to accompany the Black Swordsman to the end of his journey or if his time on the mortal plane has fallen by the wayside.

Kouji Mori will write the ending of Berserk

Kouji Mori, author of Suicide Land and Holyland mentions the following: “Almost 30 years ago, Miura called me and said, ‘I need to talk to you about how to draw a rough draft.’ I went to his workplace just to talk like we always do, but Miura looked more serious than usual. “I need to draw the Eclipse,” he said. I felt like it would be hard work, but I couldn’t believe it when I was stuck at home for a week… At that very moment, the Berserk story was completed, down to the last chapter.” He mentions that he was the only person who knew the story in its entiretyso after several talks, he decided to take command of the project.

Kouji Mori final berserk

Suicide Land is one of the works written by Kouji Mori, a friend of Kentaro Miura, in charge of finishing Berserk.

He knows the weight his actions will have on history, so he gave his fans a clear message: “I have a message and a promise for everyone. I will remember the details as much as possible and tell the story. Also, I will only write the episodes that Miura told me about. I will not develop it. I will not write episodes that I do not remember clearly. I will only write the lines and stories that Miura described to me. Of course, it won’t be perfect. Still, I think I can almost tell the story that Miura wanted to tell.”.

Now all that remains is to wait to see the final result of one of the most ambitious projects in manga today.

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