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‘Best AI move in history’: Baldur’s Gate 3 opponents surprise the community with brilliant moves

'best ai move in history': baldur's gate 3 opponents surprise

Sometimes the enemy AI in Baldur’s Gate 3 has particularly clever moments like this one.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, not only we, but also our enemies can take advantage of the many possibilities that the RPG offers. The enemy AI is a double-edged sword: sometimes it acts rather stupid, but there are also moments that just make our jaws drop and give us new ideas.

Baldur’s Gate 3 enemies use genius moves that leave fans in awe

That’s what it’s about: Towards the end of the first Baldur’s Gate act there is a major fight on the edge of a lava pit. The most important enemy is called Nere and was transported into the lava in the game by Redditor DeyUrban. Which is of course stupid if we want to get the loot and the villain’s head later. But a reload wasn’t necessary because the AI ​​acted so cleverly.

Enemy pushes colleagues back: An opposing crossbowman was able to use a pushback arrow to push the villain Nere from the lava back onto solid ground (here you can see Nere in a place he normally never sets foot). An action that the Baldur’s Gate 3 fan in question would never have thought of, as he writes on Reddit.


“I was completely floored, I wouldn’t have even thought about doing that.

The AI ​​is something different in this game, man. I’ve seen a few instances where she’s done something really stupid, but other than that she’s extremely competent even on Balanced.”

The comments agree with him: Most other community members feel the same way. The Baldur’s Gate 3 AI is a double-edged sword, because on the one hand it brings such really clever moves, but on the other hand it simply plods along with AoE damage when a character only has 4 life points.


“The AI ​​either runs headfirst into AoE damage (mine or theirs) only to die instantly – or pulls off some 3D moves across the boards that you wouldn’t have noticed or even considered.”

Even more cool examples: Another person reports that a friendly AI character sacrificed himself and put himself in the fire to push Shadowheart out of the danger zone. Still others write that they learned to throw healing potions from the AI.

For example, in just one fight, Jaheira revived people with healing spells from a distance, wiped out party members with a water bottle and dragged enemies to their doom with the Thorn Whip spell – only to then run into the cloud of daggers that the BG3- Fan had conjured up and died.


What are the strangest examples and cleverest moves you’ve seen the AI ​​make in Baldur’s Gate 3?