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The fashion rivals of Pokemon GO They will be appearing until next October 3 to celebrate Fashion Week 2022.

This celebration is filled with exclusive events including investigations, new debuts in Pokemon GORaids and Mega Raids.

This time we will tell you how to defeat the fashion rivals of Pokemon GOand thus claim the fashionable versions of Croagunk, Diglett and Absol.

how to find the fashion rivals of Pokemon GO

If you want to face the fashion rivals of Pokemon GO To claim the event-exclusive Pokemon, you’ll need to complete the Fashion Week Special Research tasks.

This means that you will only have opportunities to face them until next October 3 at 8 PM local time, when the celebration ends.

Unlike last year’s event, this time you will only face half of fashion rivals in Pokemon GO. A match against each of the three rivals will appear as a reward for completing steps 2, 4 and 6 of Fashion Week.

Meet the fashion rivals of Pokemon GO

The fashion rivals of Pokemon GO they are contending trainers who use Pokemon in fashion. This means that they will have an exclusive outfit of the event, which you will surely want to get.

These are the three fashion rivals what you will find in Pokemon GO:

  • Cool Attacker: Furfrou, Frillish, and Croagunk.
  • Peculiar Attacker: Furfrou, Mareanie, and Diglett.
  • Rough Attacker: Furfrou, Blitzle and Absol.

Pokemon GO Fashion Rivals

fashion rivals Pokemon GO: counters and equipment

As you may have noticed, each of the fashion rivals It will start off by battling a Furfrou, a Normal-type Pokemon from the Kalos region. Therefore, it is resistant to Ghost-types, but takes 160% damage from Fighting-type attacks.

You have many good options to choose from, such as Lucario, Machamp, Terrakion, Conkeldurr, or Pheromosa. Any powerful Fighting Pokemon will serve you well against your opponent’s Furfrou.

Defeat Cool Attacker

The first of the Pokemon GO fashion rivals use to frilly.

East Pokemon Water- and Ghost-types are resistant to Poison, Bug, Steel, Water, Fire, Ice, Fighting, and Normal-types. His only weaknesses are Ghost, Grass, Dark, and Electric-type attacks.

Frillish shares no weaknesses with Croagunk, which is vulnerable to Psychic, Flying, and Ground-type attacks. However, Frillish isn’t resistant to these types, so they’ll work for both Pokemon. Some options include Mewtwo, Croagunk, Kartana, Zacian, and Deoxys.

Pokemon GO Fashion Rivals

Defeat Peculiar Attacker

The second of the fashion rivals of Pokemon GO will use Mareanie and Diglett.

Mareanie It is Poison and Water type, weak against Ground, Psychic and Electric type Pokemon. It is resistant to Fighting, Poison, Bug, Steel, Ice, Fairy, Fire, and Water-type attacks.

diglett for its part, it is a Ground type, resistant to Poison, Rock and Electric type attacks; but weak against Grass, Ice and Water types.

It is advisable to take a good psychic pokemon to quickly finish the confrontation against Marenia. With Diglett you have more options, as there are many good Pokemon that are Water, Grass, and Ice types. Some options include Mewtwo, Deoxys, Kartana, and Kingler.

Defeat the Rough Attacker

The last contender of the fashion rivals of Pokemon GO will have Blitzle and Absol, as well as Furfrou.

blitzle It is an Electric-type Pokemon vulnerable to Ground attacks, but resistant to Flying, Steel, and Electric-types.

Finally, absolute It is a Dark-type Pokemon vulnerable to Fighting-, Bug-, and Fairy-type attacks. However, it is resistant against Ghost, Psychic, and Dark-types.

In this case you can accompany your Pokemon of fighting with others of Earth, Bug or Fairy type. Pheromosa is a great counter to Absol and Furfrou, as is Terrakion.

Excadrill, Groudon, and Landorus are the community’s favorite options against Blitzle, but you can use others like Garchomp or Rhyperior.

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