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Best friends and nemesis take center stage in Crusader Kings III’s new expansion – Esports Extras.

Paradox Interactive has the new today Event Pack Friends and Foes for Crusader Kings III released. With this expansion of the award-winning medieval strategy RPG, the stories being told gain even more complexity. Is it better to be feared or loved? Can you trust your closest courtiers to tell the truth? Who stands side by side as the catapults draw near? Childhood friends become bitter enemies and courtiers vie for royal favor.

Players who haven’t had the pleasure of building a royal dynasty across the centuries can take advantage of this weekend, September 8th-12th, to play the base game Crusader Kings III Try it for free on Steam.

Crusader Kings III: Friends and Foes contains the following events:

  • Friendships:Players develop legendary friendships that always have each other’s backs. But if you do yourself a service, you have to reciprocate it.
  • rivalries:Rivalries endured at court can quickly escalate into lifelong hostilities that last for generations.
  • Lover:The course of true love has never been smooth, but luck favors the brave and the romantic.
  • Courtiers:Badly treated courtiers try to improve their own position or undermine that of others.
  • And much more

Crusader Kings III: Friends and Foes is now available at a recommended retail price of EUR 4.99.

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