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Bethesda announces future update for Starfield with NVIDIA DLSS support

Bethesda anuncia futura actualización para Starfield con soporte de NVIDIA DLSS

Bethesda has revealed that an upcoming update for Starfield will include the long-awaited Nvidia DLSS support, as well as a selection of key features that have been requested by the community since the game’s launch.

This news has been shared in the brief patch notes for today’s bug fix update, which also includes stability and frame rate improvements.


In the notes, Bethesda mentions that Starfield is a game that will be supported for many years, but it is hoped that the addition of DLSS will not be delayed too long. Especially considering that players can already add DLSS to Starfield on their own.

Bethesda’s priority is to fix stability and address the most important bugs before analyzing the various requests from the Starfield community. In the notes, interest in working on city maps in the future is mentioned.

Although no specific date has been given for the release of the update with DLSS support, it is mentioned that it will be part of a regular series of patches for the game.


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