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Bethesda Confirms Modders Will Be Able To Create Planets And Entire Storylines In Starfield

Bethesda confirma que los modders podrán crear planetas y tramas completas en Starfield

In a recent Reddit Q&A, Bethesda Head of Publishing Pete Hines confirmed that modders will be able to build entire planets and storylines on Starfield. Considering the number of planets that have already been confirmed in the game, the inclusion of fan-made creations will keep us hooked for a long time. Think about how long Skyrim has prospered thanks to modders.

The launch of Starfield is just a few days away, and just when you thought the excitement couldn’t get any higher, Bethesda surprises us with a feature that confirms we’ll be able to play this game forever.


“When you think about the communities that form around Bethesda Game Studios games and you give them a tool like (the Creation Kit) so they can create a planet, all of that will be amazing.”Hines hinted.

I’m already imagining some of the things we’ll see modders do in Starfield. I’m not sure how long it will be before someone can create an entire planet, but we know we can expect places like planet Vegita, Krypton, Earth-II, etc.