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Bethesda explains why Starfield can only be played at 30fps

bethesda explains why starfield can only be played at 30fps

The title has given all its details in the Starfield Direct.

Bethesda explains why Starfield can only be played at 30fps
Starfield is Xbox’s big bet for 2023

Yesterday was a very special day for fans of the console with the green logo, since, after being announced as one of the great events of the yearwe could see how the Xbox Games Showcase was in charge of showing all kinds of games and titles that will soon arrive both on the consoles of the American company and on the star subscription service, xbox game pass. Now, everyone knew that there was a title that was going to have more spotlight on it than any other, so we could see more about it. Starfield.

Being the star game of the event, during the Starfield Direct its extensive gameplay was shown and its collector’s edition was confirmed while millions around the world saw how Bethesda’s work with this title was called to be one of the great games of the year and probably from the decade, which comes hand in hand with the fact that more details have been given in this regard, including here the frame rate per second.

Starfield will not exceed 30FPS on consoles to respect the essence of Bethesda’s worlds

Under this premise, Todd Howard, the main person in charge and visible face of Bethesda, has confirmed during an interview on Esports Extrasthat Starfield will move at 30FPS on Xbox Series X and Sat the same time that the most powerful version will be able to play the title at 4K while the digital version of the console will be able to reach 1440p resolution.


Now, despite what it might mean to launch this title at 30FPS, he has explained that it has been done that way to ensure consistency in performancesince Howard affirms that with the worlds so large, open, dynamic and with so much detail, it was necessary to limit the title to those frames to be able to comply, since they did not want to sacrifice any of the essence of their games.

Having said all this, it should be noted that Starfield will be released on September 6 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, there is also a Premium edition that will allow access to the title from September 1. Therefore, keep in mind that if you want to play the title at 4K and 60FPS, your thing is to purchase the PC version, although for now the requirements have not been detailed.

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