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Bethesda launches the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack on the most popular multimedia platform | we are xbox

The unexpected title from Tango Gameworks has already listed more than 66 songs for everyone to freely listen to at any time. Well, Bethesda Releases Hi-Fi Rush Soundtrack on the most famous multimedia platform, YouTube. Now with the full in-game soundtrack, fans will be able to experience the beat wherever they go, and the best part is that it’s completely free for everyone.

Hi-Fi Rush surprised us all by coming out at the end of January 2023 without any promotional marketing campaign. During the very and only moment that Hi-Fi Rush was introduced to the world, everyone could immediately go buy it or download it from Xbox Game Pass to play it and enjoy this little masterpiece from Tango Gameworks. Hi-Fi Rush developer studio also impressed everyone with its colorful and exciting rhythm and action title, as its previous releases are The Evil Whithin and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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Bethesda Releases Hi-Fi Rush Soundtrack For Free On YouTube

On the other hand, critics have received Hi-Fi Rush very well regardless of whether it was a “surprise” title. In a way, this gave him an advantage over the media since there was no time to speculate or create high expectations about the game. So many players tried it along with the press, and thanks to the great work of Tango Gameworks first impressions from around the world are mostly positive.


Although Bethesda has risked releasing a game unexpectedly, many industry professionals do not recommend doing this practice for small developments They are not backed by large corporations. Hi-Fi Rush, despite being a small game in general terms, is a game from Bethesda and Microsoft, which means that its success was moderately backed by big names in this industry.