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Better than Pokemon: This alternative is currently reaping dream ratings

better than pokemon: this alternative is currently reaping dream ratings

Cassette Beasts works similarly to Pokemon, except we're recording the creatures on tape.

Cassette Beasts works similarly to Pokemon, except we’re recording the creatures on tape.

Cassette Beasts offers a genuine alternative for everyone who likes Pokemon. It could be particularly interesting for all those who don’t know what to do with the newer Pokemon parts. Cassette Beasts was released yesterday and has already received a lot of praise in the first tests and reviews. There are even several voices that find it better than the obvious role model.

This is Cassette Beasts:


Cassette Beasts - The Pokemon alternative in the trailer

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Cassette Beasts – The Pokemon alternative in the trailer

That’s what it’s about: In Cassette Beasts you land on the mysterious island of New Wirral. There you will encounter countless creatures that you can compete against and then save them on tape. You transform yourself into the cute little animals, a total of 120 of them can be collected and you can also play Cassette Beasts in local couch co-op.


Published since yesterday: Cassette Beasts was released on April 26th for the PC and there also in the Game Pass. A console version for Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and the Nintendo Switch will follow later this spring.

This is how the game performs: Very good. Cassette Beasts is very popular on both the review aggregator site Metacritic and Open Critic. It even gets significantly better ratings than the last Pokemon parts (especially Crimson and Crimson, of course).

  • Cassette Beasts currently has a very good Metascore of 86 on Metacritic.
  • It’s even better on Open Critic, where Cassette Beasts scores an 88.

What is praised? A whole lot. At The Sixth Axis, Cassette Beasts is hailed as one of the best Pokemon-like games out there. The God is a Geek test goes one step further:

“Cassette Beasts is the best monster collecting game I’ve ever played, with sensational combat and a wonderful world to explore.”


Shacknews is in exactly the same vein. It states that there are some truly unique monster designs to admire. In addition, Cassette Beasts set itself apart from the competition with its clever combat and music approach.

The Outerhaven review even states that while Cassette Beasts is clearly inspired by old Pokemon titles, it’s better in every single aspect.

This doesn’t go over well: The Gamer test criticizes that some elements were apparently only integrated into the game to satisfy Pokemon fans (like the Gym Leader equivalent), and that Cassette Beasts is sometimes frustrating and not all new ideas ignite. Nonetheless, it is a simply great game.


How does all this sound to you? Do you guys give Cassette Beasts a chance?

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