Beware of Starfield spoilers: All achievements for the Xbox RPG have already been leaked

beware of starfield spoilers: all achievements for the xbox rpg

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Beware of Starfield spoilers: All achievements for the Xbox RPG have already been leaked

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What you have to do for the achievements has already been leaked.

Are you impatient for Starfield right now? On September 6th, the massive space RPG lands on Xbox Series X/S and PC. If you have Early Access thanks to a Premium or Constellation Edition pre-order, you can even get started on the 1st. But beware: You are already now, two weeks beforehand, no longer safe from spoilers on the Internet.

Achievements for Starfield are floating around the web

It’s almost standard now: If you really want to start a big new game without too much of the story being taken for granted, you really have to be careful in the weeks beforehand. The problem in particular is leaks – and this is now the case with Starfield., the site of well-known industry insider Scott Henderson, lists in association with PlayStation game sizethe Twitter account for download sizes and other game data, for all Xbox achievements.

The names of the achievements are listed as well as what you have to do for them. We will not publish the list. You can view them “at your own risk” at the source mentioned.

While some of the points are collecting tasks or leveling up the character, some achievements are – as you might expect – tied to story missions. The names can therefore anticipate certain possible phrases.

How reliable is this leak? Even if the two accounts were often correct with their information in the past, you should always treat leaks with caution and wait for official information.

In this video you can already discover a lot of Starfield details:

44 exciting details about Starfield

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44 exciting details about Starfield

In the detailed showcase for the game and the following weeks, more and more has become known about the game mechanics. For example, we now know that if we don’t behave, we can end up in jail. Bethesda also announced that the title has reached gold status.

What do you think of such leaks? Can’t resist looking in, or do you prefer to stay away?

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