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Bewear in Pokemon GO: Best moves for the competitive

bewear in pokemon go: best moves for the competitive

Bewear in Pokemon GO It’s not too popular for competitive, so you can surprise your opponents if you use it with the best possible moves.

Pokemon GO is now enjoying special events like Noxious Swamp, excellent Zygarde mechanics, and preparations for Pokemon GO Fest 2023. But if you’ve already caught Stufful, chances are you’re wondering about Bewear’s potential in the competitive.


Here we will tell you everything you need to know.

meet Bewear in Pokemon GO

To analyze the potential of Bewear in Pokemon GOit is important to first know all the basic details about this adorable and scary bear.

Bewear is a Normal and Fighting-type Pokemon, which means it is weak to Fighting, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type attacks. On the other hand, it has immunity to Ghost-types, as well as resistances to Rock, Bug, and Dark-types.


As for his stats, he stands out mainly for his high HP of 260 base. He also possesses an Attack of 226, as well as a Defense of 141.

These are all of his possible quick moves:

  • Low kick (Fighting)
  • Shadow Claw (Ghost)
  • Tackle (Normal)

You can also learn the following charged attacks:

  • Stomp (Normal)
  • Brute Force (Fighting)
  • Vendetta (Sinister)
  • Drain Fist (Fighting)

Bewear evolves from Stufful for 400 Candy. It has no other evolution. His Shiny variant has a yellow (almost orange) color instead of pink.


best moves of Bewear in Pokemon GO

As usually happens in the mobile app, Bewear in Pokemon GO will prefer some objects over others depending on the situation.

The fights in the Pokemon series depend a lot on the type of the rivals and their statistics. What is effective against one monster is not effective against another. It’s also important to separate Competitive (PvP) from Raids and Investigations (PvE).

In general, Bewear stands out in Pokemon GO with Shadow Claw as a fast attack, since it is one of the most effective in the game with more DPS. It is the more powerful option compared to Block and Low Kick.


The most powerful charge move might look like Vendetta, but in reality Brute Force is the most popular combined with Stomp if you have the chance. It’s good to have some neutral damage for any case.

Either way, avoid Drain Punch since, as unique as it is, it’s the weakest of his charged moves.

Bewear’s potential in combat

The popular Bewear in Pokemon GO He already had a huge following when he debuted in April 2022. Despite this, the temperamental bear hasn’t quite found a place in the game’s meta.


Checking out their stats and powerful attacks, some of them are great for competitive player vs player (PvP). This means that it can become viable, especially in the Super Ball and Ultra Ball League.

The problem of Bewear in Pokemon GO It is the same as hundreds of other Pokemon, and there are a few that are much better in certain categories. And if you want to win games, you’ll want to use mostly the best.

Proof of this is that Bewear is currently ranked 183rd in the Super Ball League in PvPoke, which means that he is not the most viable option among players. The most popular options seem to be Carbinmk, Registeel, Medicham, Pelipper, Swampert, Stunfisk, among others.


It must be said that it does better in the Ultra Ball League, where it holds the 155th place. Its biggest advantage is that it can counter certain powerful Pokemon like Trevenant and Giratina. The problem, as we mentioned earlier, is that there are options with better moves and stats in those categories.

You can always use Bewear in Pokemon GO if you want to have some fun. Just keep in mind that you will suffer a bit due to his low Defense and somewhat predictable attacks due to few good options on him. At its worst, Shadow Claw won’t be effective against your opponent and could cost you the game. But this can happen even among the best.

now know all about Bewear in Pokemon GO.


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