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Beyond Good and Evil 2 changes lead writer more than 10 years after its announcement

Beyond Good and Evil 2 It is one of those video games that gives the feeling that it will never reach the market: it was announced in 2008 and since then Ubisoft has provided information with an eyedropper, letting rumors about its cancellation surface from time to time. Now it seems that the project is beginning to recover little by little, at least that is what recent movements suggest, such as the start of external tests and major team changes that develops it.

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the narrative director Sarah Arellano has announced in his personal twitter account that has become the head writer of Beyond Good and Evil 2a change that collides with the importance of the role in contrast to the number of years that this project has been in development, but that at the same time gives the sensation of movement in the creative process: without a doubt it is a confirmation that the game is still alive and that Ubisoft intends to publish it.

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Ubisoft welcomes Sarah Arellano and confirms that they continue to work on the game

In fact, a spokesman for the French company (which could be acquired by Tencent) has replied to pc gamer about this major change in the creative team behind the game: “We’re excited to welcome back Sarah, who is one of the latest additions to Beyond Good and Evil 2“, Said the Ubisoft spokesman, adding: “The development team is working hard to deliver to the community the promises we made to them.”

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Sarah Arellano has worked on other great projects of the industry: from her role as director of narrative, the writer has participated in games of the stature of world of warcraft either Vaingloryand has also collaborated with Saint’s Rowthe new reboot of the open world action saga that will go on sale at the end of the month.

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