BioWare Delves into the RPG Progression Systems in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

As BioWare’s work on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf continues, the desEsports Extrasteam published a new blog that provides an inside look at their philosophy and approach to shaping the game’s RPG Progression and Skill Tree Systems.

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The latest blog, “All By Design”, delves into how the different desEsports Extrasroles at BioWare work together taking lessons from the past while experimenting with new designs and concepts to create a deep and compelling RPG experience.

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Luke Barrett, Systems Designer, Bruno Porrio, User Experience (UX) Designer, and Kelsey Wicentowich, Technical User Experience (UX) Designer, share their insights into their role and the iterative desEsports Extrasprocess for building IT systems. Dreadwolf progression and skill trees.

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