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BioWare Discusses Dragon Age Dreadwolf’s RPG System, Skill Trees, and Progression | we are xbox

In a recent update post on the official Bioware blog, they gave details of their current development. The Dragon Age Dreadwolf RPG system, as well as the skill tree and progression were the touched points, which have an affinity with each other.


Official information is of the utmost importance, especially after being victims of multiple leaks, such as the partial disembowelment of its combat system. I am anticipating that they still do not have plans to talk about a release datenot even about a more detailed and illuminating trailer.

This will be the RPG system of Dragon Age Dreadwolf

The idea of ​​the developers is to take the philosophy of yesteryear. Dragon Age Dreadwolf’s RPG system will be as experimental as in previous installments, only now they will be implemented novelties of our time. This is very much in line with what we’ve seen before, using today’s popular systems and adding them to the game system.

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As for the skill tree, you want its different branches to be very different from each other. It is also sought that each point used has a noticeable impact on the game, either a new ability or a relevant effect. What you want to avoid is that, to get to a certain powerful ability, you have to invest points in lower impact abilities. They promise that the progression in this tree will not be inherently linear, that will be up to you.

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The final desEsports Extrasof the skill tree is easy to read, despite all the options and ramifications it has. We can’t see it yet, but they already claim it as the ideal teamwork of the desEsports Extrasteam and the systems team. This work is impregnated in the game thanks to technicians specialized in the game engine. And yes, Dragon Age Dreadwolf is still using the Frostbite engine, courtesy of Electronic Arts.

In this last point, one seeks the balance between the original idea of ​​the designer and the player experience. Not always theoretical concepts work in practice. Let’s hope that from now on we get development updates more routinely and with the news that we all expect.