Black Clover: the end of the ‘manga’ will be published in Jump Giga magazine and not in Shonen Jump

black clover: the end of the 'manga' will be published

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Black Clover: the end of the ‘manga’ will be published in Jump Giga magazine and not in Shonen Jump

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On June 16, the film was released on Netflix Black Clover: sword of the magician king. Now, the ‘manga’ Black Clover by Yuki Tabatawhich entered its final arc in chapter 331— will not see its climax published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. So, next, we will tell you where and from when you can read the new chapters of the ‘manga’ Black Clover in its new format.

Chapter 368, which will be the last one that will have the ‘manga’ of Black Clover in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, it will be published in the 38th issue of the Shueisha magazine and will be released on Monday, August 21, 2023. Now, the new magazine that will receive the chapters of the ‘manga’ Black Clover from the 369 it will be Jump Esports Extras.


What is Jump Esports Extras?

Black Clover 369 the end of the 'manga' will be published in Jump Esports Extras magazine and not in Shonen Jump

If you are new and do not know that Shueshia has more magazines, we will tell you that Shonen Jump Esports Extras —formerly known as Jump Next— is a magazine that is characterized by publishing ‘manga’, ‘one shot’ or ‘spin off’ of some of the Regular series of Shonen Jump. This magazine is known for having between four and 6 publications a year. Additionally, the chapters of the Shonen Jump series that are published within it are characterized by being in their final stretch. Also, Jump Esports Extras magazine usually has quarterly releases and ‘manga’ chapters are between 50 to 60 pages long.

It is for this reason that some users on social networks theorize that the end of the ‘manga’ Black Clover it could arrive in no more than a year. However, some dare to say that before the end of 2024 the story of Asta and Juno will end.

When does it come out or what is the release date of chapter 369 of the ‘manga’ of Black Clover?

Black Clover 369 the end of the 'manga' will be published in Jump Esports Extras magazine and not in Shonen Jump
Jump Esports Extras magazine cover for summer 2023.

Now that we know that chapter 368 is the last one he will have Black Clover On the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, some fans are beginning to wonder when chapter 369 will come out. For your peace of mind, we tell you that there is still a release of Jump Esports Extras magazine in 2023. This corresponds to the fall issue of the 2023. So, chapter 369 of the ‘manga’ Black Clover It will be out in December 2023.

This chapter will continue with the end of the ‘manga’ story arc. Black Clover called “Arc of the Path to the Ultimate Wizard King”.

Why has the publication of the ‘manga’ changed? Black Clover from Shonen Jump to Esports Extras Jump?

What is Jump Esports Extras

Along with the release of the last chapter (368) of the ‘manga’ Black Clover in Weekly Shonen Jump, has made an official statement:

«As the serialization of Black Clover It has been going on for a long time, the increasing demands of the calendar for a weekly serialization have been colliding more and more with my own situation. Therefore, I have been discussing this with the editorial department for a while and this time we have decided to transfer the serialization of the ‘manga’ Black Clover to the Jump Esports Extras.

This is a sudden decision and may have surprised readers. I would like to apologize for not being able to finish the ‘manga’ Black Clover in Weekly Shōnen Jump. However, thanks to the Jump Esports Extras release schedule, I think I’ll be able to continue with the climax of Black Clover in more optimal conditions, adjusted to my personal situation as a writer. There are still quite a few stories that I would like to draw, that I must draw, so please look forward to it.

I will do my best to bring Black Clover to fruition!

Thank you very much for your support!”

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