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Black Desert: MMOPRG bans the best player in Europe, a German, for 274 years

The . Black Desert has banned the player “RisingSun”, the strongest player in Europe. However, the ban is not forever, but for a mere 274 years. We at MeinMMO interviewed RisingSun in July 2020, when the 29-year-old from Stuttgart was the first in Europe to reach level 67 after 837 days.

What is this ban?

  • Pearl Abyss, the operators of Black Desert, has banned player RisingSun.
  • The game ban lasts until January 3rd, 2297.
  • The reason for the ban is “creating and using unauthenticated software.”

Trailer for the fox mage Maegu in Black Desert

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Who is this player? The man’s real name is Florian, he comes from Stuttgart and is 29 years old. He streamed on Twitch under the name “PvEnvironment”.


Our . specialist Alexander Leitsch interviewed him in July 2022, when he was the first European to reach level 67. It had taken him 837 days to do this.

Like other Korean games, Black Desert does not have a fixed “level hard cap”, but it always goes up, but the experience points that you need to level up grow so extremely that hardly anyone seriously Attempted to level up.

Players say: If he cheated, then it’s good if he got caught

How is his ban being discussed now? On reddit, when someone is playing at level 67, people are already discussing whether everything is going right there.


It is suspected that the player may have used macros to make leveling easier. If that was the case, then the ban would certainly be okay.

Others say there’s even one at level 68 and several at level 67 – so leveling in itself would be okay.

Player was afk banned on the puppet – not aware of any guilt

What does the player himself say? The player has a Discord and a Twitter channel, but he does not comment on a ban there. You can only hear his thoughts on Twitch.


On Twitch he is asked if he is still an “ambassador” for Black Desert or if he has lost his status as well. He replies that it’s still on “Research,” so it looks like his case is still under review.

He seems to have been surprised by the ban himself. When one Twitch user said, “WTF,” he said, “Yeah, I thought so a few times today.”

He was banned while standing at the doll. But don’t feel guilty. According to RisingSun, “many have been banned, in all regions”:


“I know that today there was a wave of bans and a lot were banned in all regions. All apparently for macros in AFK fishing, on the puppet. It’s being investigated now and we’ll see.”

He said he turned on the stream despite the ban and has now had 8 hours to calm down. At first I was at a loss as to what to do about my father, but I’ve now done everything I can. He has no choice but to wait for the decision of Pearl Abyss. Apparently he doesn’t feel guilty.

Our editor Alexander Leitsch has often spoken to RisingSun about Black Desert:

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