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Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is now available on PC and consoles

Nightdive Studios has released Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with a price of 9.99 after being delayed in 2020 due to lack of source code and materials, which required reverse engineering. Limited Run Games will release physical versions for PS4 and Switch.

This is the remastering of the classic 3D graphic adventure from Westwood Studios released in 1997 that is inspired by bladerunner by Ridley Scott though in this case the story runs parallel to the plot starring Rick Deckard. We are Ray McCoy, a bladerunner which, logically, must hunt down a group of rogue replicants. It included the participation of some actors from the 1982 film, such as Sean Young in the role of Rachael, and some songs from the unforgettable soundtrack by Vangelis, a composer who died last month.

“The investigation skills and the classic equipment of the bladerunner will immerse you in a world full of life, thanks to innovative visual and lighting effects that offer a graphic experience never seen before, in which you will be able to put all your survival skills to the test“said the original developer.

The improvements of this remastering are the following:

  • The original videos have been restored to a higher resolution.
  • Updated cinematics from 15 to 60 fps.
  • Modernized graphics to higher quality.
  • Improved Integrated Knowledge Assistant (ACI) and hints interface.
  • Enhanced subtitles.
  • Compatibility with modern controllers.
  • SMAA anti-aliasing.
  • Anisotropic texture filtering.

New Blade Runner game in development

110 Industries announced a few days ago that it acquired the license for bladerunner to develop a video game. There are not many details but it is expected to be ready in 2025. Among the company’s projects we find Wanted: Dead of some of the creators of ninja gaiden, Red Goes Faster Y Vengeance Is Mine by Stefanie Joosten.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition for sale on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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