Blasphemous II officially confirms its release date: August 24

blasphemous ii officially confirms its release date: august 24

Tom Henry

Blasphemous II officially confirms its release date: August 24

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This afternoon the announcement that all the fans were waiting for about Blasphemous. We already have an official date for Blasphemous II!

In the short that we leave you below, we can take a look at some scenes from the title that confirm it for August 24, 2023 on Nintendo Switch and other platforms. We leave you with the video:

In Blasphemous II, awakened in a strange new land and displaced from his final resting placeThe Griever is once again thrown into the endless cycle of life, death, and resurrection, with no choice but to explore this dangerous new world and discover its long-forgotten secrets.

Hordes of grotesque enemies stand in your way, awaiting doomsday at the brutal hand of The Penitent, with twisted titanic bosses also lurking in the darkness, waiting for a chance to send you back to the grave from which you came. .

Taking them down won’t be easy, but with Blasphemous II offering more possibilities to customize and upgrade your repertoire of abilities, as well as several unique weapons to wield with your thirst for justice and endless fury, victory could be within your grasp!

  • Explore a more complete non-linear world: After waking up in a strange new land, your adventure begins anew with a series of hauntingly grotesque landscapes, oozing gothic appeal and riddled with ruthless traps. You decide how to approach this labyrinthine world, there are no wrong decisions, only accounts to settle.
  • savage combat: The Griever shows no mercy, and with his repertoire of new weapons offering new moves, brutal executions, and expanded combos, destruction will befall anyone who stands in his way.
  • Customize your gaming session your way: Blasphemous II offers new ways to play, giving you the ability to customize and upgrade your core skill set, as well as several unique new weapons with which to unleash devastating attacks against your enemies.
  • Great exciting boss battles: Hordes of monstrous enemies stand between you and your goal; Twisted bosses with unique attack routines and crushing abilities will test your skills as you fight for victory when the dust settles.
  • Explore a whole new world: A whole new world awaits, brimming with mysterious new NPCs to interact with; Some will offer their help and others will ask for it, while some will send you on daring missions to obtain long forgotten items. With so much to see and do, the stories and myths you’ll encounter will help you unravel the game’s myriad secrets and give you a deeper understanding of this strange new world of Blasphemous II.

What do you think? Does this game catch your attention? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments. If you’re interested, you can also find our full coverage of Blasphemous at this link.


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